Deathly Arrow is a skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Dire Arrow that focuses the user's strength into an even more powerful shot equal to the amount of time spent charging."

An advanced version of Dire Arrow.

With Dark Arisen, it becomes Reaper's Arrow with the relevant Ranger's Ring or Band equipped.


Charge Damage *
Undercharged 1x
One bar (Dire Arrow) 4x
One bar (overcharge) 1-2x
Two bars (Deathly Arrow) 6x
Two bars (overcharge) 2x
Three bars (Reaper's Arrow)  ?
Three bars (overcharge)  ?
* Figures are approximate and relative to a single Loose arrow at ~200 core strength with a ~100 strength longbow
  • The user is unable to move while charging.
  • The skill must be allowed to charge multiple times to use the higher tier skill.  Charging to only one bar with a higher tier available only gives a shot of the power of Dire Arrow.
  • This ability differs somewhat from other charged abilities in that timing the shot is important.  For maximum damage, the arrow should be fired just when the shot is charged.
    • Full charging is indicated on the skill-bar (if button guide is on), and a "whoosh" sound will play and the Arisen will flash white, regardless of HUD settings.
    • When released with correct timing, the arrow will loose with a slight slow-motion effect and do significantly more damage and higher knockback power.
  • This skill scales well with longbow strength.
  • Like other ranger skills, arrow damage varies with distance.  Moderate range is best, whilst point blank shots give around nine-tenths as much damage. Beyond approximately 25m distance from the target, damage falls off considerably.
  • When correctly timed, the power boost allows the archer to breach the defense values of foes, such as those found in Bitterblack Isle, that they might not be able to harm at all with other attacks.
  • It has been claimed that extra precision on timing may produce double damage; however, this may be due to hits on weak points.
  • When compared to Great Gamble, Dire/Deathly Arrow never surpass Gamble's damage even with the strongest bows, though it can reach damage levels equivalent to between 1000-2000 stamina at high level.  Dire/Deathly Arrow has a faster charging time than Great Gamble and consumes less stamina.


See also

  • The Warrior skill Indomitable Lash also changes strength and power if the release is well timed.
  • The Strider equivalent skills Mighty Bend does not need timed release to maximise damage.
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