Darkcounter is a dark based skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Sends foes staggering back when the user blocks an attack. A perfect block conjures a dark pall that afflicts enemies with Torpor."

Upgrades to Abyssal Riposte. With Dark Arisen, it becomes Desecration Feint with a relevant Magick Shieldsman's Band equipped.


  • For usage, details and tactics, see Abyssal Riposte, as well as Mystic Knight Shield Counters.
  • Darkcounter is unusual amongst all the riposte and counter spells in that its riposte does no damage, only debilitates (with torpor) - the initial perfect block will damage a melee attacker - when upgraded to Abyssal Riposte the dark shockwave does magick damage as well.
    • Still the skill is capable of producing Dark Critical Hits when sufficient amount of attacks is countered.
  • (BUG) In Dark Arisen transitioning between areas with this skill active will randomly add a debilitation. The next enemy hit will be debilitated on the first hit.
    • Witnessed on Harpies, Drake, Thunderwyvern, Cursed Dragon and Frostwyrm.
    • The power of the skill will also be greatly diminished.
    • To fix, simply equip a different primary weapon, or unequip then reequip the shield, and re-cast the counter.
    • This can occur with all Mystic Knight Shield Counters and also with Abyssal Anguish.
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