Cyclops is an enemy in Dragon's Dogma. It resembles a vaguely elephant-like humanoid, with a single eye, grey leathery skin, four fingers on each hand, and a pair of tusks. Many of them also wield primitive clubs.


" The cyclops is a one-eyed monster possessing a huge body and fearsome tusks. Fully grown cyclopes reach a height of twenty to twenty-five feet and, as a result of their large size they are prone to sloth and apathy. However, cyclopes can be inspired to ferocious action when they are angered, so act with caution in their presence.

Cyclopes’ preferred methods of attack are primitive and unsophisticated, but devastating in their sheer force. Mainly resorting to their natural brute strength, some individuals have also been seen to employ a club as a weapon.

Cyclopes are woefully unequipped when it comes to intelligence and that is why they are often found enslaved by humans or other creatures. The secret society Salvation is known to prefer using cyclopes in their attacks, thanks to the creatures’ resemblance to the group’s symbolic icon: the Remaining Eye.

They can be surprisingly docile and will quickly take a liking to any who provides them with sustenance—but if a cyclops is hungry or angered, you will see its true brutality.

The appetite of a cyclops is voracious and they have been known to capture and eat goblins. However, goblins have also managed to enslave many cyclopes by feeding them. They view the cyclopes as useful bodyguards, and the cyclopes see the goblins as convenient masters that keep them in food.
―Capcom official description[1]

Cyclopes appear with differing amounts of armor and equipment, from unarmored and with a single club, to fully armored with a helmet, and a fire club - all Cyclopes will set their club on fire at night as a giant torch - which then causes burning as well as physical damage.

Occasionally a small Cyclops may be found with shorter tusks and lesser health - this "pygmy" type has only been seen in The Watergod's Altar cavern below the Offering Chamber and on Bitterblack Isle in The Pilgrim's Gauntlet.

Monster / Boss
Base Experience of 4,000

Can be more or less depending on a few factors such as:



The Everfall (Post-Dragon)

Bitterblack Isle


On destroying a tusk

On destruction of an armor piece

Using Master Thief



Stats Health Attack Defense Magick
25,000 600 95 50 60 5,000
100% 100% 60% 60% 180% 100% 100%
Sources: Dragon's Dogma - ドラゴンズドグマ & Dark Arisen (, the 'Dragon's Dogma Signature Series Guide' and in-game testing.
  • Defense values are for the head, not tougher parts like legs
    • Direct hits to the eye cause even greater damage, around two and a half times
    • Legs and body seem to take exactly one fifth damage
    • Not hitting the head 'straight' may also cause reduced damage, typically one half
  • Armored Cyclops show greatly increased damage resistance to all parts, and the eye is completely protected from physical attacks by its helmet.


Attack Type Description
Grab Phys When standing, grabs a target on the ground and chews them. Inflicts high damage while recovering a bit of Health.
Kneeling Grab Phys When bent on its knees, grabs a target on the ground and slams them on the ground.
Crush Grab Phys When enraged and standing, grabs a target on the ground and uses both its hands to try and crush the target, followed by some punches and slamming on the ground. Very harmful.
Head Grab Phsy Grabs a target climbing on its back, neck, or face and follows with a biting attack, recovering small amount of Health with each bite. An armored Cyclops will remove its helm first to see its victim.
Stomp Phys Stomps on the ground with its foot.
Butt Stomp Phys Jumps and falls on its rear, staggering any on the ground nearby, and disturbing any climbing on it - usually done in response to climbers.
Wriggle Spec Shakes its back, disturbing any climbing on it.
Sweeping Attack Phys Uses its club or hand to swipe at targets.
Rampage Phys Charges back and forth, flailing its club or fists at random targets. Usually uses this after being hit in the eye or losing a tusk.
Snort Phys Highly staggering, deep gasp.
Jump Phys Jumps at a target, crushing whoever it lands on and staggering the one who clings to it.
Lob Spec Phys Picks up and throws an Explosive Barrel with good aim and considerable force.

Oil pots can also be thrown.



Felling a Cyclops
  • Cyclopes are weak against all forms of Lightning - not only do they take more damage, but also are stunned, and will drop their clubs when struck.
    • Thus a drenched Cyclops should be easy prey when hit with lightning.
  • Vulnerable to all debilitations including Torpor, Poison, Curse Blind, Tarred in Oil, and Burning.
    • Debilitations may be inflicted even if the physical attack bounces off the Cyclops' armor.
  • Vulnerable to Lowered Strength and Lowered Defense.
  • Clinging to a leg to causes it to balance on one leg - if then hit by an ally the Cyclops will lose its balance and fall down, leaving it vulnerable.
  • Disarming the Cyclops: Strong attacks on the weapon arm, or stunning the Cyclops will cause the monster to drop its weapon.
    • Thunder based weapons and spells, Explosive Barrels and strong attacks are all effective - a Perfect Block when it attacks with its cudgel also works.
    • Breaking free from Crush Grab of armed Cyclops also disarms it.
  • Helmet removal: There are several ways to remove a Cyclops' helmet:
    • Climb up its back just below the back of the neck - the Cyclops will remove the helmet to see better and attempt to grab the climber - jump free to avoid capture.
    • Allow the Cyclops to grab one of the party - the monster will remove its helmet for a better look, or just to have a bite.
    • NB: A stunned Cyclops (such as from thunder) will be unable to remove its own helmet.
    • NB: Armored Cyclops is harder to stun with Levin after helmet removal!
  • Armor removal: Every piece of body armor (arms, legs) worn by a Cyclops may be destroyed once sufficient damage has been inflicted.
    • Blunt weapons work best - as the attack bounces off, stamina using heavy attacks will be wasted on a still armored Cyclops.
    • Throwable items such as Rocks, Bricks, Dragon's Spit, Throwblasts, and Explosive Barrels may also be used to remove its armor.
    • Eventually, making the beast to fall three times in both, on a knee and flat, ways will end up rending its armor too.

Vocation and skill specific

  • A party with lightning based skills may experience a longer battle against an armored Cyclops due to the difficulty of removing the helm whilst the creature is stunned, and the greatly reduced damage whilst it is armored. Prioritizing helm removal at the beginning of battle may help.
  • Assassins : Masterful Kill and Clairvoyance can be used to counter the Cyclops' club swing and foot stomp.
  • High Maelstrom will be mostly ineffective on a Cyclops which is still wearing a helmet.


Ximena's shots

The grabbing ability of the Cyclops. Although slow and easily avoided, does large amounts of damage if the party isn't careful enough.

  • Blinding may not be a good idea, as a blinded Cyclops usually rampages.
  • A general defensive strategy in Dragon's Dogma is to first eliminate all weaker enemies. However, if climbed and out of harm's way, the Cyclops will likely wipe out all nearby enemies with its club anyway.
  • If a Cyclops reaches up to grab the Arisen while being climbed, dismounting quickly should evade the grab. Jumping off, using Reset, or a heavy attack can all be used for an emergency dismount.
  • Striking the eye interrupts the Cyclops actions, including rampages and grabs.
  • Seek high ground for safer ranged attacks.

Pawn Bestiary Knowledge

Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen Screenshot CycLeg

Make it stand on one leg to trigger knowledge.

  • Cyclops Tactics - Grants knowledge for the whole Cyclops family.
  • Cyclops Strategy Vol. 1 - A strong hit to the arm holding the club/cudgel will disarm it.
  • Cyclops Strategy Vol. 2 - Breaking off the tusks by attacking the head will grant knowledge. Pawns will state "Pick up any tusks broken loose."
  • Strike the eye. It is the weakest spot.
  • Climb on its leg to throw it off balance. The Cyclops must do a specific animation of it standing on one leg for knowledge to be triggered. Pawns will state "It cannot move with one upon its leg!"
  • Weak to Lightning.
  • Armored Cyclops only: It will reach for targets climbing its back - jumping off before being grabbed will make it remove its own helmet.

In addition to witnessing these techniques, it is necessary for Pawns to participate in killing 50 Cyclopes either with their own Arisen or while traveling with others.

More information can be found on the Bestiary page.

Pawn chatter

During battle, Pawns will repeatedly advise tactics known to be effective on that particular enemy and call instructions to their allies. They'll recite from their Bestiary which contains knowledge gained during their travels with the Arisen.

"A cyclops!"
"The brute is as slow as it is large."


"Its eye is vulnerable!"
"I'll take its sight!"
"It has but one eye! Strike it!"
"I've a hold on it! Strike out the eye!"
"It is wroth! Now, strike the legs!"
"It cannot hold a weapon with an injured hand!"
"I'll get the eye afore it can shake me!"
"I'll see to that club!"
"I'll disarm it with a bolt of thunder!"
"An angered cyclops is more apt to fall."
"Snatch up any tusks you break free!"
"It pays no heed to its feet when enraged."
"Even a glancing blow is deadly!"
"Those tusks look hard as stone..."

State callouts

"Waugh! 'Tis mad with rage!"
"Its helmet is off!"
"'Tis disarmed for now!"
"A tusk has broken loose!"



Cyclops Club and Great Cannon Sigil glitch

Club & Great Cannon Sigil "Skateboard" glitch

  • While in Rampage state (eye glows red) they are more vulnerable to Stagger (and eventual Knockdown). Also, after a short time of "raging" they become exhausted and need to stop to catch their breath - they are most vulnerable when doing so.
  • Just like with armored Gorecyclopes, armored Cyclopes' armor parts break when Cyclops falls occasionally, not just when armor is damaged enough.
  • To ensure two Rugged Tusk reward drops, shoot off both tusks with arrows before the Cyclops is killed. The tusks cannot be obtained after the Cyclops is dead.
  • Although the Cyclops is vulnerable to all debilitations, it may only be inflicted with up to 3 at any given time, then some debilitations seem to disappear altogether.
  • The armored Cyclops encountered on the cliff path leading to Heavenspeak Fort can quite easily be knocked off the cliff for an easy victory if it's staggered near the edge. Items from the kill may be recovered from the body at the bottom of the cliff, if the corpse can be found.
  • (Glitch) The club of a disarmed cyclops interacts in an unexpected way with a Great Cannon sigil - causing an force on the cyclops via the club. For example, if the sigil is placed on the NE side of the club the cylops will be forced to slide in a SW direction. If the cyclops travels far enough without dying it will respawn at its original position with the club in hand.


  • Cyclopes have different sizes - smaller Cyclopes may be found in the Watergod's Altar (lower levels), and a mini version on Bitterblack Isle.
  • Oddly, the Arisen may randomly be rewarded with up to three Misshapen Eye drops from the one-eyed Cyclops - a theory suggests some of these ball shaped objects are from another part of the creature's body.
  • Ophis, the female bandit leader, keeps a pet Cyclops in Ophis' Domain, which can be fed.
  • According to some historians, myths of Cyclopes are based on the skulls of elephants, whose nasal opening resembles a single large eye socket. Their design in Dragon's Dogma reflects this, having tusks and a head based on the elephant skull but with a single eye instead of a trunk. (See Cyclops § Origins via



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