Cursewood is a location in Dragon's Dogma.


The Cursewood is a forested region to the northwest of Gran Soren, lying on the northern side of the river opposite the Wilted Forest to the south and Deos Hills to the west. All travellers heading to The Ruins of Heavenspeak Fort and The Greatwall must pass through the Cursewood.

Two roads pass through and meet in the Cursewood - a north–south path fording the river coming from the Wilted Forest, and heads towards Heavenspeak; it meets an east west path from the Deos Hills at a junction in the centre of the forest. To the east of the northern path, as it rises towards the fort is the East Entrance to Soulflayer Canyon located in a gully off the main road.

The woods are home to female Westron Labrys Bandits, a Chimera, Wolves and a Cyclops. At night Skeleton Lords appear, as well as a Wight near the northern riverbank on the eastern fringe.

The part of the forest west of the main road is sparsely inhabited, but contains some Deer and male bandits both at a campsite in the north, and at the Beast Cave.


Reminishroom is common here. Apples may be found in limited quantities; and Grandgrapes grow on the northern bank of the river near the Prayer Falls.

Cursewood chests.png

Chest Loot Chest Loot
1 Unspoken Grace, Iron Headgear, Sectional Iron Plate 2 Giant Coin Pouch, Blank Scroll, Ancient Scroll, Hemp
3 Snagdaggers, Iron Lorica, Adventurer's Cloak, Foreign Knife, Throwblast, Harspud Juice, Interventive, Coin Pouch 4 Harspud Sauce, Desiccated Herbs, White Wine, Red Wine
5 Unspoken Grace, Iron Headgear, Sectional Iron Plate 6 Incognito Mask, Bone Armor, Leather Gloves
7 (Inside Beast Cave) : Black Matter, Large Coin Pouch

A Book Pile here may yield : Undead Tactics Vol. 1, Ancient Scroll, Coin Pouch

8 Harspud Juice, Pickled Mushrooms, Desiccated Herbs, Coin Pouch
9 Salomet's Secret, Tagilus's Miracle, Steel Nut Salve, Decoction of Bandlily, Large Coin Pouch 10 Tight Cinquedea, Morgenstern, Gran Soren Shield
11 Giant Coin Pouch, Blank Scroll, Ancient Scroll, Hemp 12 Blast Arrow, Silencer Arrow, Sleeper Arrow, Throwblast, Dragon's Spit, Coin Pouch
+ Weapon/Armor Piles

Along the path from Heavenspeak Fort to the river ford :

  1. Iron Boots, Rusted Magick Shield, Rusted Longbow
  2. Amongst trees after the T-junction : Iron Shield, Rusted Bow, Angel's Periapt, Ancient Scroll
  3. On the north bank of the river ford: Wilted Forest : Broadsword, Rusted Sword, Shackle, Cloudwine
For south of the river, see Wilted Forest



Pawn Chatter

"Talk is, a band of woman thieves makes their den in these parts."

"The grade is steep, Master. Mind you don't slip."

"Dead end... Though it seems a hold stands above us."

"We'd best be cautious, Master."

"Hmm, nothing to see for leagues."

"A tent... Abandoned by some traveler, perhaps."

"We're far from civilization yet."

"We may be able to glean material from the boulders of this wood."

"Whoever did this may still be near..."


  • If Ophis' Badge of Amity is carried the female bandits of the woods do not appear, and much of the wood is left empty. In a few places, wolves take their place: such as near the Cyclops at the fork in the road, and two spots uphill along the path from there.
  • There is a region of apparently flat land east and below the upper reaches of the path to Heavenspeak Fort - however it seems this is inaccessible, and attempts to drop down to it will always result in death, no matter how much health one has. (Use of the Skull Splitter fall exploit does not avoid damage here)


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