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"Not even these stray wyrms are free from the pestilence of this accursed place. I've seen that putrid breath drive Pawns mad and reduce Arisen to foul puddles, armor and all...never thought I'd miss the flame." —Barroch's Notes


Dragon's Dogma - Cursed Dragons

Cursed Dragons are enemies in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.

Encountered on Bitterblack Isle, these undead dragons from origins unknown bear a striking visual similarity to a near death Ur-Dragon, however Cursed Dragons are smaller and less powerful. Instead of a heart, they have a single purple crystal in their chest, which the Cursed Dragon accompanying the Dark Bishop also lacks.

They breathe a vile and foul gas, which can inflict multiple debilitations and rots any time sensitive items in the party's inventory.

Like the Ur-Dragon, the Cursed Dragon can be slain by a pawn if they strike the final blow to its crystal.


Undead , Dragon , Necrophage
Base Experience of 66,000

Can be more or less depending on a few factors such as:


On Bitterblack Isle - as a Necrophage appears when lured by monster corpses or by a Rancid Bait Meat

In the Forsaken Cathedral a lesser version summoned with the Dark Bishop

Additionally in The Black Abbey two can be baited with Fiend-luring Incense, with a flock of six Sirens


Additionally : Rift Bicrystal, Rift Polycrystal, Rift Cluster, Perfect Rift Crystal (rare)

On destroying a horn

On destroying a wing

May also cause Dragonforging of equipment


Accursed Errand - acquire 3 Cursed Dragon Horns


Stats Health Attack Defense Magick
250,000 * 5,600 850 2,700 690 ??
100% 100% 150% 70% 70% 150% 10%
Sources: Dragon's Dogma - ドラゴンズドグマ & Dark Arisen (www10.atwiki.jp) and in-game testing.
* The Dark Bishop's summoned Cursed Dragon has only 12,500 Health.


Attack Type Description
Poison Breath Mag/Spec A massive stream of poison is let loose from its mouth. Can cause Poison, and Curse. The Cursed Dragon can use this move while moving forward or backing away from its target, and may also attack whilst hovering.

The poison breath has a chance to rot any perishable items.

Cursed Breath Assault Mag/Spec If under 50% health and grounded, the dragon will rear up and inhale, slowly turn to face the Arisen, and prepare a massive poison bomb attack. It will then roar, knocking back pawns and the Arisen who are not under cover including climbers.

The dragon then spits a poison bomb, which explodes after a few seconds into several small poison bombs which can inflict Curse, Poison or Torpor in addition to heavy damage.

This attack may also rot perishable items.

Dive Phys Hovers, then performs a gliding lunge from the air.
Charge Phys Charges at a target on the ground.
Grab (Arisen) Phys The Arisen is grabbed and then slammed into the ground.
Grab (Pawn) Spec/Status A Pawn is grabbed and then slammed into the ground.

The Cursed Dragon will rarely try to seize control over the pawn, causing Possession.

Stomp Attack Phys A powerful attack with its feet, staggers targets.
Sweeping Backhand Phys A backhanded slap with either one of its front claws.
Tail Sweep Phys A powerful spinning attack with its tail, knocks targets off their feet.
Tail Lash Phys If the Arisen or pawns linger near or under the tail, it may whip back and forth for high damage with knockback.
Dragon Roar Spec/Status A mighty roar that may inflict Possession on all pawns within range.
Biting Assault Phys An onslaught of three powerful bites meant to catch fleeing enemies.
High Lassitude Mag/Status One or more area-of-effect sigils are created, inflicting Torpor on those who remain within it.


Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen Screenshot 23

I will avenge you, brother.

Slaying Cursed Dragons offers a high chance to Dragonforge equipment, greater than any of the lesser Dragons.

Initial state Dragonforging chance
Stars 0t stars enhancement 40%
Stars 1t stars enhancement 55%
Stars 2t stars enhancement 65%
Stars 3t stars enhancement 75%



  • The heart crystal on the chest is its weak spot, though blows and arrows to the head can stagger it.
    • There is relative safety to be found by clinging to its heart.
  • Weak to Fire and Holy. Highly susceptible to Burning.
    • Ice based attacks may partially inflict Frozen but the dragon cannot be shattered.
  • Vulnerable to Torpor (lasting for approximately 25 seconds per affliction instance).
  • Can be Silenced.
  • Cursed Dragons are resilient to, but may also be inflicted with Lowered Defense, Lowered Magick and Lowered Strength.
  • Immune to Drenched, Tarring, Blindness, Poison, Curse, Petrification, and Sleep.
  • Although the dragon is undead, it is unaffected by spells such as High Anodyne, which usually damaged such creatures. Magick Rebalancer similarly is unable to debilitate the Cursed Dragon with Lowered Magick Defense.
  • Whilst hovering, melee strikes to the tail have a high chance to cause knockdown. However, magick and bow attacks are better concentrated on the heart, head, or legs.
  • The Mystic Knight shield Zombiebane is very effective against Cursed Dragons, being the equal of the strongest magick shields when facing this foe.
  • Standing at the Dragon's flanks is a reliable way of getting it to perform its backhand.
  • The Maker's Finger does four health bars of damage normally, but if the Dragon has been knocked down and is reeling the arrow will kill it outright. Oddly, Strength Boosted and Magick Boosted increase the arrow's damage, but there is no change from attacks on weak spots.
  • Striking the hand of a support arm while it's casting will knock it down. The associated bestiary knowledge flag will not trigger from hitting the arm however, only the hand. This can be achieved more consistently by aiming at the very tips of its fingers, either in melee or with Blast Arrows.


Undead Dragon
  • The Cursed Dragon's physical bite attacks have a small dark magick component.
  • A Cursed Dragon's attack patterns can be more easily learnt in "slow motion" by observing a torpored dragon.
  • The most dangerous place to stand is directly in front of the Dragon, as its Bite is its single most powerful attack. The Cursed Dragon has a long, craning neck and a far reaching forward lunge, so avoid frontal assaults.
    • Running towards, and not away from the Dragon's underbelly when it begins its biting lunges may be a more effective way to avoid being chomped.
  • Being underneath the Cursed Dragon is comparatively safe.
    • Be aware, however, that the Dragon can hit a character standing under its heart with its backhand.
  • With its health past the halfway point, the dragon will start using its massive breath attacks. There appears to be no technique capable of interrupting it, save for the death of the Dragon. This attack will knock down any party member who is not behind cover or climbing the Dragon.
  • Determine "safe" areas of the battlefield to escape from the massive breath attack by taking cover. For example, in the Duskmoon Tower the Arisen can run behind the large tree, behind rock formations, around corners, or into any opened treasure chest chambers.
    • For a ranged-capable Arisen, there is a column to the left of the entrance to the Vault of Defiled Truth.  If one gets behind it and stands all the way back against the north wall, the dragon cannot reach the Arisen or pawns for most of its attacks. Both of its breath attacks will also rarely affect the Arisen or pawns in this position. It will spend most of the fight trying unsuccessfully to bite the Arisen, who can bombard it with ranged attacks or spells.
  • The Cursed Dragon's breath can inflict multiple debilitations simultaneously, including Cursed, Poison, and Torpor.
    • Climbing onto the Cursed Dragon's chest can sometime be a safe position from the massive breath attack. However attempting to shelter here is not 100% reliable.
    • The initial blast has a radius of around 15 meters.
    • Follow up poison bomblets may land anywhere, and sometimes direct cover may not protect from them.
  • Dark resistance mitigates the Dragon's Cursed Breath attacks.
  • If the Arisen takes up a position above ground level, like the upper walkways or ramps in Midnight Helix, the Dragon will spend most of its time in the air, with limited offensive options except poison breath. Because the crystal heart is exposed while in flight, it is easy to repeatedly down the dragon with ranged attacks.
  • The Cursed Dragon in The Fallen City can cast High Lassitude to slow the party down. Either prepare in advance with resistant equipment, or suitable potions, or inflict Silence to prevent the spell being cast.
  • Mage pawns can hold the Cursed Dragon in place with High Grapnel, temporarily nullifying the physical attacks upon which it relies.

Pawn specific[]

  • Unlike other Dragons, excluding the Ur-Dragon, pawns can land the final blow on a Cursed Dragon.
  • Unlike other Dragons, the Dragon Roar can inflict Possession, forcing pawns to attack the Arisen. Prepare suitably.
    • Pawns with low Possession resistance who climb the Cursed Dragon's back can also become Possessed, but they typically remain helpless on the Cursed Dragon's back until either restored to sanity, forfeited, or the fight ends.
    • Take care with high level pawns who could can potentially annihilate the entire party if they become possessed.

Pawn Bestiary Knowledge[]

0007theq8od thumb
For the foe knowledge flags for Cursed Dragon see the dragon section in the Bestiary.

Pawn Chatter[]

"That dragon's near rotted through!" (no bestiary knowledge)
"The walking corpse of a wyrm...?!"
"There, a cursed dragon!"
"This must be the work of the darkest magick."
"Stay clear of its putrefying breath!"
"The wings, Master! Strike it from the sky!"
"There! The point of light upon its chest!"
" 'Tis like the crystal in its breast animates it!"
"Augh?! Our meat and vegetables rot!"


Cursed Dragon stairs

Cursed Dragon at the top of the steps in the Midnight Helix. The illumination comes from a couple of Magick Archer's explosive rivets lodged in its heart.

  • The Cursed Dragon does not use wing flap attacks like other Dragons. As a consequence Stability is only of use against the Cursed Dragon's aerial fly by.
  • The Cursed Dragon's breath may rot meat and vegetables, but its breath can be oddly beneficial as well. An Egg or Ambrosial Meat can be turned immediately into a Golden Egg or Sour Ambrosial Meat when exposed to Cursed Dragon's breath. Store such items in an Airtight Flask to preserve, as further breath attacks will rot the egg or meat.
  • Randomly appearing necrophagous Cursed Dragon can spawn in mid-air and fall, which may be sufficient to kill a low level or badly equipped character by crushing them.
  • If the Cursed Dragon is encountered together with another dangerous enemy, such as in Midnight Helix or Tower of Treasons Repaid, they may fight each other. Though the other foe can win, they sometimes fail or are unable to hit the chest crystal needed to finish off the Dragon, which then requires the Arisen to step in. Experience is not awarded for creatures killed by the Cursed Dragon, though loot can still be gathered.
    Barroch vs Cursed Dragon

    The Cursed Dragon tries to kill Barroch

  • If the Cursed Dragon is engaged in the Duskmoon Tower prior to Barroch being removed from the area (possible by using a Rancid Bait Meat), Barroch might catch the aggro of the Cursed Dragon randomly. It's recommended to bring a Fighter with Shield Drum or a Warrior with War Cry, or equip any weapon or skill that can be used to knock it down the sky.
    • Barroch is invulnerable and even if he is constantly hit or poisoned by the Cursed Dragon, he cannot die.
  • The Cursed Dragon is more supple than might be supposed. It is able to enter areas that appear impossibly small. For example, it can climb all the way to the top of the stairs in the Midnight Helix leading to the Ward of Regret. It will immediately slide down unless it is staggered by a critical blow that causes it to writhe. In that case, it will remain at the top of the stairs.
  • (Exploit) It is possible to "farm" Cursed Dragons, for details see Farming Exploits § Cursed Dragons.
  • As opposed to other Dragons, destruction of the Cursed Dragon's horns or wings will lack the distinctive impact effect. In addition the Cursed Dragon's model won't update like other dragons, but its hitbox will.


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