For items from Bitterblack Isle obscure by a curse, see Purification.

Curse is a debilitation which reduces the Strength, Defense, and Stamina of the afflicted.


Curse reduces attack and defense to 60% of their normal values, weakening the afflicted; in addition stamina is reduced to 60% of its maximum, and cannot be raised above that value whilst Cursed.

Curse can be inflicted by throwing Skulls, the spell Perdition; it can be self-inflicted using a Headless Icon, or as a side effect of the Mage's Talisman, Iridescent Talisman, or Corpse Nettle.

SuccubiWraiths, Liches, Wyrms, and Cursed Dragons can inflict Curse, as well as some coffins in The Catacombs when opened.

Cured by Purifying Brew, Light-Cure, LunanisePanacea, High Halidom, group-curative Frozen Holy Water and any spell or item granting the status Impervious.  


For creature resistances, see List of Creature Debilitation Resistances.


Name  %
Benevolent Earring 60
Dragonblood 25
Master Ring 71 to 90
Preceptor Ring 41 to 60
Virtuoso Ring 11 to 30



  • Both physical and magickal defenses are lowered.
  • The -40% reduction in the afflicted vital statistics can be further modified by other Invigorations and Debilitations such as Magick Boosted or Lowered Defenses.
    • Unlike other raised and lowered stats, a creature can only be cursed once at a time.
    • When foes are cursed the reduction is realised as an effective increase in incoming magick and physical attack power of +35%. Thus even foes with weak defenses take much more damage when cursed.
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