Critical Hits are attacks that cause much more damage than usually inflicted.


Type Damage
Dark critical 1400+ dark magick
Asleep 4-5x
Grapple >2x attack power
Out of battle /
Sneak attack
~1.2x (Arisen)
2-3x (Foes)
Knocked-down ~2x †
Head shots 2-2.5x
Blinded No change
Staggered No change
Frozen 2x from melee attacks *
Drenched 2x from lightning and ice attacks
Tarred 2x from fire attacks
Thundershock Limited thunder magick
† Certain creatures only
* Totally frozen foes only

There are a number of types of critical hits:


Main article: Dark Critical Hit.

Attacks from dark enchanted weapons have a chance to cause a critical hit, inflicting additional dark magick damage with strong knockback properties - repeated attacks will eventually cause a critical.

The additional damage from dark criticals scale with Core Magick plus a high base magick power, and is independent of weapon, vocation, or skill.

Weak points

Many creatures have weak points - for goblins and humans it is the head, for cyclops it is the eye, and for dragons it is the heart. Any blow (or magick) directed at a weak point will cause extra damage - for goblins a strike to the head causes double damage, but in other cases the increase is much greater, such as when striking a dragon's heart.

Posture and awareness

Creatures caught unawares ('out of battle stance'), knocked down or asleep often receive increased damage - the increase (for the Arisen) of attacks without the weapon drawn is +20%, for some knocked down foes damage is doubled, whilts for others damage is unnaffected. Grappled foes take more damage and appear to have much reduced defense.


The unique longsword Iraklis inflicts critical hits with regularity - the damage multiplier is from two to ten times normal damage depending on the quality of the sword.


Certain debilitations cause critical like hits when a follow up strike is give - these include :

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