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Crate is an environmental object found in Dragon's Dogma.

Crates are large wooden cubic or rectangular boxes, found scattered all around Gransys and Bitterblack Isle.


These objects often contain loot, block a path, or may hide a chest or valuable item behind them. They can also be used to get access to places that are normally not accessible - provided they are not damaged. 

Pawns will generally smash crates if unoccupied by other tasks and will often destroy a crate or box while the Arisen is standing upon it. Early in the game, crates take two to three hits to destroy due to the character's low damage output; eventually these items are easily smashed.

Crates are too large to be picked up, thrown or moved - though smaller boxes can.


  • In Honor and Treachery, the Arisen needs to protect several groups of stacked crates from a Cockatrice.
  • In Cassardis, the steps near the Riftstone behind Pablos' Inn lead to a spot where a jump onto a smashable box allows access to the building's roof and a nearby chest. Similar boxes and crates permitting roof access are found leading to the roof of Lewes', Merin's and Mayra's house in Cassardis, and to the rooftop above a stairwell in The Shadow Fort, which allows access to a chest containing a Cyclops Veil.

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