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Corona Slash is a skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Spark Slash that carves throught foes in a broader radius around the user."

An advanced version of Spark Slash. In Dark Arisen, it becomes Ecliptic Slash with a suitable Warrior's Ring or Band equipped.

Usage and Tactics[]

  • Smaller foes will be instantly swept off their feet.
    • The attack is ineffective against several larger creatures including Drakes and Chimera as the blade hits only the more resistant parts of the monster - to knock these down strikes to the head or heart, or an attack with more height such as Upward Strike are far more effective at knocking down.
  • More effective at knocking down than damaging.
  • All three tiers swing almost 360° around the warrior.
    • The increased radii of the higher tier skills are indicated by the 'shockwave' around the warrior.