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Conservation is an augment available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Reduces the Stamina consumed when you perform a magick weapon skill."

Reduces the Stamina consumed when casting a spell with a staff or archistaff by 15%.


  • Stamina drain from spells such as Frazil, or Fulmination is also reduced.
  • Doesn't apply to spells (like Stone Forest) cast with a sword
  • Doesn't work with secondary weapons like Magick Bows
  • Doesn't work with Magick Archer spells cast with the daggers
  • Generally doesn't reduce stamina use Magick Shields spells with the exception of those which enchant the primary weapon, including Abyssal Anguish and trance enchantments.

See also[]

  • Proficiency - reduces stamina consumption for physical weapon skills.