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Committed to Memory is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


"When I was a boy, another wall stood round the capital, beyond the one that stands now. 'Twas a colony of griffins tore it down, some thirty years ago. Fearsome beasts, those. We spent weeks playing amid the wreckage... I'd love a token of the memory."

Acquire a piece of Gran Soren Rubble.


This quest becomes available on the Arsmith's Alehouse notice board after slaying The Dragon in The Final Battle.

Collect ten pieces of Gran Soren Rubble and return with them to Arsmith for the reward.

Rubble can be found scattered throughout what's left of Gran Soren during Post-Game (including on rooftops), and may also be bought from Reynard - pieces may also be found in and around Gran Soren before the destruction of the Dragon.


Committed to Memory (quest walkthrough)

Reynard sells 8 pieces of Gran Soren Rubble at a time, and up to 4 pieces can be gathered at these spots in Gran Soren. After a few days, these spots will re-spawn.