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Comet Shot is a skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Meteor Shot that lets the user zoom in and out, increasing this shot's precision and control."

An advanced version of Meteor Shot.


  • Use Center Camera - click on right analog stick [R3] or 0 on keyboard - to zoom in and out.
  • These skills have high core power, and scale quite well with total strength.
    • Power peaks at far range, but the core power is lost at extreme ranges.
  • Able to pierce enemies, hitting points on the opposite site of a large monster's body, or killing multiple small enemies in a line
  • Has very strong knockback properties.
  • Pawns will use this skill but not at extreme range, usually missing out on the potential for a sneak attack with the skill.
  • Can be shot whilst jumping, and can gain an Eminence boost.

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