Come to Court is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Your feats in the Wyrm Hunt have earned you an audience with Duke Edmun himself. Perhaps he will offer missions of greater merit."

Come to Court becomes available after completing two or more Wyrm Hunt Quests.


(7 ~ 0) Dragon's Dogma ~ Come to Court Hero Trophy Guide

(7 ~ 0) Dragon's Dogma ~ Come to Court Hero Trophy Guide

Come to Court ~ Video Walkthrough

In order to begin, speak with Ser Maximilian in the Noble Quarter and choose to "Hear the duke's directive". The Wyrm Hunt License must be carried on the Arisen's person as proof of identity.

Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen Come to Court

Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen Come to Court

Choosing to meet with the Duke means abandoning any uncompleted Wyrm Hunt Quests; ensure outstanding quests and tasks have been completed before accepting. Maximillian will retrieve the Wyrm Hunt License, and access to the Duke's Demesne will be granted.

Enter the Demense to progress the story.

Visit the Duke

Starting this quest makes the Duke's Demesne accessible for the first time. Pawns are not allowed inside the castle by order of the Duke. Feel free to explore the castle grounds and collect loot. As in the rest of Gran Soren, any illegal or antisocial behaviour will result in arrest.

Enter the castle's main keep through the front door to meet with the Duke. The jester Feste awaits within and will usher the Arisen into the 'Audience Chamber'.

Once inside, the Arisen will be received by the Duke, his royal guards and guests, including Mercedes and Julien. The Duke will knight the Arisen, after which they are free to leave, explore further, or speak to the guests.

The knights in the chamber are Ser Shakil, Ser Vitlay, Ser Tascan, Ser Brigante, Ser Viceroth, Ser Chandra, Ser Gammon, Ser Falken, and Ser Covan.

See to the Royal Orders

On exiting the castle keep by the main door, the Arisen's attention is drawn to someone in the gardens to the right - this is Aelinore. Speak to her to begin her questline. Caution! This is a one-off opportunity.

On nearing the exit gate of the Demense, the Arisen will be accosted by Aldous, who is introduced by Ser Alvert as the Duke's chamberlain. Aldous is charged with assigning the Royal Orders Quests by the Duke.

After this scene, Aelinore will have left the garden and the opportunity to speak to her is lost.

Quest Successful

The quest will complete after the cutscene with Aldous near the gate.


  • Come Courting will unlock after the cutscene of the Arisen's knighting.


  • The Dragonforged offers an escort quest only while Come to Court is still active, provided the Arisen's affinity with him is high enough.


Come to Court
  • Edmun knights the Arisen with a Bastard Sword.
  • During their conversation, Aelinore will remove the Jester's Cap from the Arisen's head.
  • If the Arisen doesn't talk to Aelinore, the Jester's Cap will disappear automatically during the cutscene with Aldous near the gate.

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