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Come Home to Roost is a DLC quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Tis said a mighty cockatrice makes its kip in the depths of Soulflayer Canyon. Should it arise and descend upon the capital, the damage would be immeasurable. We must see that it never awakens."

Defeat the Cockatrice in Soulflayer Canyon.


This quest becomes available on the Pawn Guild notice board after The Final Battle.


Come Home to Roost (quest walkthrough)

Entering from the west entrance of Souflayer Canyon offers a shorter and clearer path to the Cockatrice. In this video, the Arisen slides down from the Greatwall Encampment and enters from the west. Turn right at the fork, climb down the ladders and slay the Cockatrice to complete the quest.

Before leaving to face the Cockatrice, bring Secret Softeners, Cockatrice Liquor and other defenses against Petrification. In addition to the bird found in Soulflayer Canyon, cockatrices found elsewhere, such as the Chamber of Apprehension, Chamber of Resolution, or Eradication Site will also complete the quest, as will any killed in Bitterblack Isle.

On defeating one such beast, a reward of the longsword Gryphic Black, and 3,000 Exp. will be given.