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Coin Purse of Charity is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"A coin purse said to help relieve one of material desires. It allows money to be used as a throwing weapon."

The Coin Purse of Charity can be used in battle to deal a large amount of Thrown Damage to a single enemy using ready cash as a weapon.

When thrown it uses up to 10,000 Gold in a single strike.  Damage scales directly with gold used, with additional power from the thrower's character Strength - poorly endowed Arisen will not have much success with this thrown item.

Base power is around 7,700 of Blunt Damage; plus an additional 7,700 of magick power, which is in the holy element.


Generally rare in Gransys, but can be found:

More common on Bitterblack Isle :


2 Star Enhancement


Product of

Item Item Product
War Bugle + Priceless Artifact = Coin Purse of Charity
Diamond + Flammica = Coin Purse of Charity
Flammica + Hunk of Platinum = Coin Purse of Charity


  • To equip it, select "Hold" from the Item menu and it can then be thrown a short distance.
  • The coins have a small damage area, and usually only strike one foe.  If aimed carefully, two close foes can be hit at once with a single purse.
  • Strength or Magick boosts such as Conqueror's Periapt or Demon's Periapt don't increase damage from the coin purse.
  • Despite its power, it will not loosen Ore deposits.
  • Pawns will not use this item when it's in their inventories.
  • If the Arisen owns less than 10,000 gold, all of it will be used.