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Coin Pouch is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


The Coin Pouch is a bag of money which adds Gold when picked up - there are four sizes of pouches :

  • Small Coin Pouch - contains 100 Gold.
  • Coin Pouch - contains 1000 Gold.
  • Large Coin Pouch - contains 3500 Gold.
  • Giant Coin Pouch - contains 10000 Gold.

The small and standard coin pouches are purses of relative size, whilst the large and giant pouches are sacks of gold.

Pouches are dropped by many enemies when defeated - in normal mode small and normal pouches are common, whilst in Hard Mode larger pouches become common place, and most enemies will drop gold.

Additionally such pouches are found in many chests, and as general loot in many ruins, and out of the way places - they may even be found in gather spots.



  • For more information on becoming rich see Gold.