Cobal Coast is a location in Dragon's Dogma.


Cobal Coast is a minor region in Gransys which overlooks the sea to the east of The Mountain Waycastle and the Manamia Trail.

A river runs through it down from the Man Swallowing Falls - at its outfall to the sea a Cyclops and two Harpies can be found. The only other creatures here are Wolves.

To the north is Moonsbit Pass - it is not possible to reach the pass from the coast - the bridge at the Waycastle must be used; it is however possible to drop down to the coastal river from ledges at the south end of the Moonshower Cliffs.

During Post-Game the area becomes infested with Succubi, Hellhounds, and Giant Undead.


For chest loot in the Cobal Coast and Manamia trail area, see Manamia Trail §Loot

There is a small burial at the extreme northeast of the area, at the end of a narrow ledge - some offerings appear to have been made here.


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