Cloudwine is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"A type of local spirit. Combine it with other materials to produce aught of use."

Cloudwine restores 50 Health and 50 Stamina.

It is fairly common throughout Gransys and considerable amounts can be found at The Ruins of Aernst Castle, additionally Reynard stocks this item.

Cloudwine can also be stolen from Hobgoblins using Master Thief.

This spirit is also a favored gift for Mercedes.


Component to

Item Item Product
Cloudwine + Gransys Herb = Desiccated Herbs
Cloudwine + Greenwarish = Desiccated Herbs
Cloudwine + Bladeleaf = Matured Greenwarish
Cloudwine + King Bay Leaf = Matured Greenwarish
Cloudwine + Potent Greenwarish = Matured Greenwarish
Cloudwine + Cragwort = Stone-Moss Poultice
Cloudwine + Devilwort = Stone-Moss Poultice
Cloudwine + Lunanise = Desiccated Herbs

Product of

Item Item Product
Small Nut + Harspud Milk = Cloudwine
Large Nut + Harspud Milk = Cloudwine
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