Clarus is an NPC in Dragon's Dogma.


"The Mother Superior of the abbey in the Wilted Forest. A loving woman, she is even sympathetic to the Arisen."



"As one of the eldest nuns who currently resides at the Abbey, I have devoted my life to maintaining the graves of the deceased. Some may see this task as thankless, but it has given my life profound meaning. When not tending to the graves we most often pass our time with study, prayer, and reflection. Occasionally one of the local villagers will abandon a child on our doorstep. These children are taken into the Abbey, cared for, and eventually trained in our ways. Once they've reached the proper age, they join us in our work; fostering youth and honoring death."[1]
"Ah, a traveler? Welcome, child."
"We have little to offer in the way of aid, but I hope you find your visit pleasant nonetheless. May the Maker guide you."


Dark Arisen Glitch

Dark Arisen Glitch

  • Clarus' escort quest is available on first entering Gran Soren (with high enough affinity), but may become unavailable after entering the Everfall.
  • (Glitch) ps3Ps3 x256px, xbox360360 x256px In Dark Arisen, a location glitch has been reported which creates another Clarus. Oddly, she can be found at the same location. No solution has been found for this odd glitch, however no reports have surfaced if it affects the game in a negative way.


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