Clairvoyance is a skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Clarity. Holds the blade in wait, merely deflecting and countering attacks from a greater range, pulling more foes into the attack."

A counter skill that will perform a powerful spinning riposte on enemy attacks. Clairvoyance must be activated shortly before an enemy attacks to initiate the counter strike, similar to a Perfect Block with a shield, but with a larger time window.

Usage and tactics

  • When used correctly, Clarity and Clairvoyance function as alternatives to a shield.
    • The counter-timing is more generous than that of Perfect Blocking.
    • A wider range of attacks can be blocked by a shield. (e.g. Saurian Spit, Arrows)
    • Useful defensively when using a bow as the secondary weapon; mitigates the lack of a Forward Roll to a sword-equipped Assassin.
  • High knockback and knockdown.
  • An outward slash will not be used if the riposte is used on a bigger monster like a Cyclops.
  • Does not protect against grabs.
  • Compared to Clarity, Clairvoyance has a circular slash as counter, instead of a stabbing strike with a narrow attack arc.


The damage from attacks repelled with those skills is nullified, however attacks bearing debilitation component, eg Cockatrice pecks or Cyclops flaming club blows, will still inflict respective debilitation.


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