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Chief Adaro's House is a location in Dragon's Dogma.


Located at the Northeastern end of the town, the home of Adaro the Chief of Cassardis, it overlooks the whole cove.

Adaro and Quina live here. There are three rooms and an entrance hall: the main large room with tapestry; and two side rooms, one kitchen or living room, the other a bedroom.


Pawn Chatter[]

"Quina's room bares such a pleasant scent."
"Have people of Cassardis always held their meetings in the chief's home?"
" 'Tis well peaceful, this place. It seems Quina keeps it tidy."


  • A hidden cave can be found by exiting the Chief's home and jumping on the ledge. Tilting downwards there should be a drop down area of the cliff with a hidden room with three chests inside. Descending from there, there will be a hidden cave with an unmarked grave inside.
  • After accepting the quest; Lost and FoundQuina's Note can be found at on a table in the kitchen room.


Nereus or other merman greek

Nereus on a 5th C. BC amphora [original harvardartmuseums.org/art/288118 ]

  • There is a mural at the end of the main room which appears to show a half-man half-fish creature. In fact the depiction is close to some Classical Greek pottery depictions of sea creatures, and may be based on depictions attributed to be of Nereus, Glaucus, or Triton, all greek sea gods.