Chief Adaro is an NPC in Dragon's Dogma.


"The chief of Cassardis, he is beloved and trusted by all of the village folk thanks to his fine decision making abilities."

Adaro is the village chief of Cassardis. He raised both the Arisen and Quina and lives in his house in the northernmost part of the village.

Adaro is supportive and interested in the Arisen's progress, and introduces them to the concept of Pawns, though he's not particularly fond of them.


"At first glance, you would not guess that this short and stocky old man could be any threat. Yet get to know him and you will see why his ‘never say die’ defiant attitude transformed him from humble fisherman to one leading the charge against every village threat. His fighting abilities were unmatched as, weapon in hand, he boldly led the fighters of Cassardis against the gargantuan monstrosities that attacked the village. He openly shared his wealth of fishing and fighting skills with others, making the village of Cassardis not only prosperous, but also independent and completely self-sufficient in an attack. Thus, when the previous Village Chief passed away, there was no question that Adaro would be his successor.

But one day when you, his bravest fighter, returned deeply wounded after a battle with a monster, Adaro was furious with himself. He immediately resigned Cassardis’ autonomy to accept protection as a territory of Gran Soren. New laws and taxes were levied upon the village. This decision did not go over well with some, but when Adaro realized you were almost lost, nothing else mattered. For while he never sired children and you were an orphan, he considers you close as blood. Adaro sees a reflection of his younger self within your limitless potential. For even with his small form and humble beginnings, Adaro worked hard and became the greatest leader Cassardis has ever known.
―Adaro's Tale[1]


During Upon a Pawn

  • "That man you were speaking with... He's o' the pawn legion. They come from some unknown place. Just appear, without a warning. They're a strange lot. Not human, quite. They look the part sure enough, but they lack the will...the spark what drives us. They have no capacity to feel nor act alone, so they live as sellswords. Myrmidons, they're called.
    Mm... There's an encampment west of the village where men gather to face the dragon. I'd wager a fair number of his kind will be there as well. Why don't you take him? Might be you learn aught o' why he came to you in the first place."
  • "That pawn'll be looking to head west to the encampment, no doubt. Why don't you see him there? He'll not make the trip on his own. His kind'll rot where they stand, 'less a human orders them to move."

  • "We hear tales of you from every visitor. The whole village swells with pride at each telling o' your deeds. And yet... Well, don't mistake me, now... To a man, we're pleased you've taken up the mantle o' Arisen. But we know you better than most, and care for you more than all. If we hesitate, it's only that worry stays our joy."
  • "If your good work continues, even the duke will know your name 'ere long."
  • "Peace, minnow. I would not keep you from your purpose, even if I could... I ask only you choose your battles with care, and return to us when all is over. This is your home, and we your family. Do you understand?"



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