Chasing Shadows is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Salvation reportedly has a spy inside the castle at Gran Soren. Mason asks you root out the cultist."

Shadow the mysterious figure, thought to be the 'Night's Champion'.


This quest becomes available after accepting the quest Lure of the Abyss. Speak to the mysterious figure known as  Mason to begin the quest. Mason can be found in Gran Soren either around the Fountain Square or resting in the Slums.

Once accepted, head towards the Noble Quarter at night.

Shadow the Suspect

Chasing Shadows 1

On the tail..

Wait in front of the entrance gate to the Duke's Demesne, and near to Fournival Manor or the Knight's Manor. After a while the Arisen's view will be direced the player towards the Passage Gate entrance to the Noble Quarter.

Follow the Suspect

Trail the suspicious person throughout Gran Soren. Remember not to get too close, otherwise the quest will fail.

Eventually, the man will lead the Arisen to the Abandoned House in the Venery and then an interaction between the man and Madeleine will take place.

Report your Findings

Head back to Arsmith at the Arsmith's Alehouse to report what was witnessed.

Once completed Madeleine will open Madeleine's Shop in the Abandoned House.



"Playing the shadow is more simple than you might think. Keep watch over who comes and goes from the castle, and follow them what seem suspicious. Simple, aye?"
"Those with aught to hide move about after nightfall. I would know. You'll learn the rest as you go, friend. Tell anything you learn to Arsmith."



  • Caution! This quest becomes unavailable after starting Seeking Salvation - presumably because that quest reveals Julien's involvement in the cult, making the investigation moot.
  • Caution! Starting the quest Come to Court will cause this quest to fail, at this time Mason will disappear from Gran Soren and make his way towards The Abbey. Failing the quest will also prevent Madeleine from opening her shop, voiding her future storyline and quests.
  • (BUG) The final cutscene will not trigger if Lure of the Abyss is not completed yet.
  • In order to successfully tail the suspicious figure, the Arisen must not get too close to them otherwise they will get suspicious and the quest may fail. Luckily, the mystery man has an easily recognizable shield on his back (the Wizard's Vizard), making him easy to keep track of.
    • Even if the Arisen accidentally follows the wrong person, the mystery man will politely wait before continuing along his path.
  • After completion of the quest the 'Abandoned House' will not change to 'Madeleine's Shop' until the Arisen leaves and enters the city. (This change is purely aesthetic and has no discernable effect whatsoever)
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