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Character Weight is a concept in Dragon's Dogma. It is a secondary stat derived from the choices made during Arisen or Pawn creation in the Character Editor.


The amount a character weighs not only determines the appearance of a character but also affects its stats. The weight of a character has a significant effect on its encumbrance, and stamina usage and regeneration. 

Lighter characters restore stamina faster, enabling them to be more energetic whilst larger characters have a larger carrying capacity, and so can carry more at the same encumbrance level, and by extension - move relatively faster in heavier armor.

Character weight is affected by a number of factors, the main ones being Character Height, character build, and musculature.

Character weight is divided into different weight classes, which are the main factor in carrying capacity and henceforth in encumbrance - encumbrance is an important factor on stamina use generally and is a major factor on movement speed.

Weight §
Stamina †
Consumption ‡
Under 50 SS 500 53/s (125%) 100% 40
50 - 69 S 520 48/s (115%) 100% 50
70 - 89 M 540 42/s (100%) 100% 65
90 - 109 L 560 38/s (90%) 100% 75
Over 109 LL 580 31/s (75%) 100% 100
§ As given in the status menu (i.e. body weight)
† Base Stamina at level 1
‡ No difference found in running, clinbing, grappling, or skill stamina use at the same encumbrance


Heavier characters[]

  • Able to activate Pressure Plates faster.
  • Hitbox is likely to be bigger; smaller classes have a correspondingly smaller hitbox.
  • Able to move with less effort through Windworn Valley - the key factor seems to be total weight - 50kg total weight one cannot overcome the winds at all whilst jogging. When running the differences are minor.
  • The Leg-Strength skill (reduce encumbrance level by one) is more effective for heavy characters because for them the difference in mass between encumbrance levels is greater.

Lighter characters[]

  • Likely to have a smaller hitbox.
  • The Sinew skill is a proportionately larger percentage increase to lighter characters because of their lower default carrying capacity.


  • Actions that Character Weight does not affect, but indirectly affects via Encumbrance include :
  • Different body parts also can change the character's height and weight.
    • The heaviest and lightest builds are not the tallest or shortest, though the difference is small.
  • If Character Weight is changed using the Character Editor to a different weight class then the base Stamina will be altered also.


  • Weight units are not given in game, though they are often assumed to be kilograms (kg).