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This is a list of Character Services available in Dragon's Dogma and Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.

Name Location Price per stay Services
Pablos Pablos' Inn in Cassardis 50 G Sleeping, and item storage and withdrawal
Ecbal Command Headquarters in The Encampment 300 G Sleep, item storage and withdrawal. Learning and setting skills
Asalam Union Inn in Gran Soren 500 G Sleeping, item storage and withdrawal, Changing vocations, and learning and setting skills
Ser Nathaniel Rest Camp at Devilfire Grove 100 G Sleeping, learning and setting skills, item deposit
Ser Octavio Travelers' Rest in Windworn Valley 100 G
Ser Alfonso Greatwall Encampment

Station Room in Gran Soren (Post-Game)

100 G
Devyn Devyn's Barber Shop in the Urban Quarter of Gran Soren

Gran Soren's Fields (Post-Game)

- Haircuts, hair and skin dyes, vocal training

Name Location Services
Olra Bitterblack Isle Harbor Item deposit and withdrawal, learning and changing vocations, learning and setting skills, purification.
Barroch various Item deposit and withdrawal, shopping, enhancing, rarifying, learning and setting skills.
Resting Bench various Free and unattended places for sleeping

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