Shorty in the water

The smallest of characters will find their heads underwater before the brine takes them.

Character Height is a concept in Dragon's Dogma.


Height Jog speed
Very Tall +23%
Tall +9%
Medium --
Short -8%
Very Short -17%
relative to
medium height

Character height affects walking and jogging speed (but not sprinting), weapon reach, accessibility to small places, and the likelihood of being hit by enemies.

The most obvious difference between tall and short characters are the walking and jogging speeds - taller ones jog faster.

Increased character height will increase Character Weight, all other factors being equal.

Taller characters

  • Can wade out into deeper water further without their lantern going out.
  • Have longer weapon reach.
  • Have a larger hit box.
  • Generally have better knockdown and stagger resistance, and resistance to high winds - though this is an indirect effect of increased Character Weight.
  • Maximum height is over 210 for males and over 200 for females.

Smaller characters

  • Minimum heights are around 140 for males and under 140 for females.
  • To be able to enter the Goblin Holes in the Shadow Fort, a character's Height should be 150cm or less.
  • Can get under and between Cyclops and Ogres legs, giving a useful evasive advantage.