Chamberlain's Affidavit is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"A letter from a foreign official praising Fournival for his contributions to Gransys's economy."

A letter that portrays Fournival in a favorable light - as such it can be used as evidence in favor of Fournival during the quest Trial and Tribulations. It can be found on a sideboard located on the ground floor of Fournival Manor.



  • A forgery of this item can be made at The Black Cat.
  • Though the quest Thanks Mislaid is predicated on loss of this missive afore it was delivered to Fournival the letter is in fact found in Fournival's keeping.. It may be that the letter was lost and handed in, or more cynically it may be that the letter, and/or quest itself were part of a ruse, a form of public propaganda aiming to publicise Fournival as a staunch friend of the Duchy.. The other document found in Fournival Manor - the Gift Ledger gives a different and less favorable portrayal of his character.
  • It is also odd that a foreigner should be eulogizing Fournival for contributions to another country's economy - taken in combination with the other documents, and the later events at Windbluff Tower during Pride Before a Fall (and Supplier's Demand) may suggest that Fournival was aiding or abetting Julien and Voldoa in their instigation of a revolt at Windbluff Tower.


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