Chamber of Lament is a location in Dragon's Dogma.

One of the chambers in The Everfall. The Ur-Dragon can be found here.


The Chamber of Lament is an otherworldly place, seemingly outside the bounds of Gransys. Its main chamber is circular and roofless, and seems to open up onto a starless void, whilst below it is a sea of molten lava.

Much of the structure within is heavily blasted, containing pools of fuming purple liquid, broken pillars, skulls and weapon piles. The entrance from the Everfall leads through a short flight of stairs and broken bridge to drop down into the main chamber. On the opposite side of the arena is another short causeway leading to a small room containing the monument to all those who have successfully fought the online Ur-Dragon. Here is a small side chamber, and an exit which takes the party back to where they entered.

The chamber has a second possible entrance which is only accessible in New Game Plus. It is entered via a Riftstone at Starfall Bay in Cassardis and deposits the party in the Hall of Fame monument room.

Foes and loot

Chamber of Lament

Map and loot

There are a few gather spots, mostly Weapon or armor piles which usually return items such Foreign Knife. Some Coin Pouches are to be found on the pillars around the arena, as well as two chests which usually contain gold or possibly Liquid Vims.

A single mining spot in a minor side room in the fame room usually yields a Silver Ore or rarely Gold Ore. Without facing the foes within, there are little or no opportunities for treasure here.

Three possessed or corrupted Pawns await at an entrance on the causeway leading from the trophy chamber to the arena - on defeat they may drop gold or scrolls.

Once the pawns are defeated, the Ur-Dragon will arrive, flying in through a swirling maelstrom in the sky. Defeating the Ur-Dragon grants great rewards, in addition to the items dropped from the body of the beast during the fight.

Pawn Chatter

"The names of all who've slain the wyrm are here immortalized in stone."
" 'Tis a vexing place to have the wyrm roost..."


Chamber of lament monument

The Ur-Dragon hunter's monument

  • The Ur-Dragon is one of the most challenging bosses in the game. Be sure to come well stocked in curative items and at a high level (60+ is advised). For more information see Ur-Dragon.
  • If wanting to fight either the Online or Offline Ur-Dragon, be sure to change Online/Offline connectivity in the options before entering the chamber, not when inside.
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