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Chamber of Fate is a location in Dragon's Dogma.

It is accessed from the ninth ledge down when falling down The Everfall.

Loot and Enemies[]

For a comparative list of all the loot in the Everfall chambers, see List of Everfall Loot.

High quality loot is rare, usually 2-6% only; otherwise chests commonly give Large Coin Pouches, Harspud Sauce, Wakestone Shards etc, and other curative items of fair quality.


Minor items not listed
Chest Loot Map
1 Angel's Sanctum, Royal Cuisses, Dragon's Presence, Dark Lorica, Dragon Knight's Cloak Fat 02
2 Saving Grace, Barbarian Chief's Helm, Frigid Finger, Grisly Skull, Benevolent Earring
Chimera, Gorechimera, and a Lich (which can summon Hellhounds)


Drake with Harpies


If the quest By Royal Decree III is acquired on Bitterblack Isle two Dire Drakes will appear (Dark Arisen)

The Weapon Piles (+) usually give very mundane items, or occasionally a Silver Ring. The loot seems to depending on whether a Drake or Chimeras were in the room.
Chest Loot Map
3 Cyclops Sigil, Dragonblood, Golden Lion Padding, Red Dragon Scale Fat 01
4 Meloirean Helm, Molten BootsTwilight Greaves, Philosopher's Robe, Ring of Ruby
5 Indomitable Earring, Meloirean Cyclops Veil, Twilight Mask, Crimson Armet, Grisly Bracers
6 Crossed Cinquedea, Royal Surcoat, Dragon's Quickening, Ancient Cape, Ring of Sapphire
7 Unfettered Claw, Direwolf Veil, Dragons Risen, Dragonroar, Crimson Sabatons, Lich Tactics (12%)
8 Dragon's Den, Chilling Razors, Savage Fang, Carmine Breeches, Indomitable Earring, Saurian Strategy Vol. 2 (12%) (Jewel of Petrifaction is common)
9 Darkened Gloves, Dark Buckler, Shadow Gauntlets, Lordly Cloak
Succubi, Gargoyles, Harpies, Giant Bats
  • There is also a chest on the ledge outside the chamber. It does not seem to contain anything of note except a Fulgurous Lord Tome



  • The trio of Lich (plus its attendant summoned Hellhounds), the Chimera, and the Gorechimera is considered one of the hardest encounters in the original game.
  • Once the creatures in the main chamber have been defeated, the other enemy group will often appear after leaving and re-entering the chamber. After both groups have been defeated, they will reappear after one week.
    • The two chests (and weapon piles) in the main chamber may be looted twice, once per enemy set.