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Chamber of Absence is a location in Dragon's Dogma.

It is accessed from the third ledge down when falling down The Everfall.

Loot and Enemies[]

For a comparative list of all the loot in the Everfall chambers, see List of Everfall Loot.

High quality loot is rare, usually 2-6% only; otherwise chests commonly give Large Coin Pouches, Harspud Sauce, Wakestone Shards etc, and other curative items of fair quality.


Minor items not listed
Chest Loot Map
1 Martyr's Talisman

Crimson Sabatons

Dragon's Pain

Stalwart Bow

Lordly Cloak

Shadow Gauntlets

Abs 01

Geo Saurians

Skeleton Sorcerers


Chest Loot Map
2 Steel Sabatons, Noble Limbs, Sable Sentinel, Dragon Knight's Cloak, Ring of Amethyst Abs 02
3 Dragon Band, Ring of Sable, Red Dragon Scale, Shadow Gauntlets, Ring of Sapphire
4 Meloirean Armguard, Laurel Circlet, Sage's Hood, Dragonbeards, Grisly Bone Armor
Weapon Piles (+) do not seem to give anything more interesting than Rusted Daggers or rarely a Silver Ring
Goblins, Hobgoblins, Grimgoblins