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Vocations are the character classes of Dragon's Dogma. There are nine vocations that can be learned and can be separated in three groups :

Vocations can be changed when speaking to Asalam (at the Union Inn), and in Dark Arisen by Olra (at Bitterblack Isle Harbor). Initially unlocking new vocations requires Discipline Points, but after they are unlocked they can be switched at will. Only the Arisen can learn Hybrid Vocations: they are not available to Pawns. A Character Level of 10 is needed to access the Advanced and Hybrid vocations.

Each vocation has specific Stat Growths which vary depending on the vocation. The Basic vocations have a balance of offense and defense, while the Advanced vocations focus more strongly on offense.

There are nine levels of progression in each vocation, called Rank. Each level of progression offers access to new skills and augments. Skills from different vocation cannot be mixed, except when some vocations share skills; learned Augments can be freely shared once learnt.

DD vocations chart

Vocation Chart

Generally, different vocations do not change the innate combat ability of a person; for example, the dagger skill Carve does the same damage from an identically equipped and developed character regardless of whether they are a Strider, Ranger, Assassin, or Magick Archer. However, there are some differences - Striders gain both power and speed when climbing; Warriors have increased knockdown resistance; and Assassins move a little faster. Aside from this, jogging and running speeds, as well as stamina recovery times, are unaffected by vocation.

Vocations can be grouped into classes - 'magick' (blue), 'bow using' (yellow), and 'melee' (red) - represented by the color of their vocation icons. These vocation colors affect the results of Purification in Dark Arisen. Hybrid Vocations take two of the colors.

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