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Time Sensitive or Perishable Items are natural materials that decay over time - they include foodstuffs and some flowers.


Some items will decay or rot over a few days whilst in the party's inventory. Meats and fish becomes rank or sour then rotten, whilst certain flowers wilt. The resultant decay causes changes in the properties - usually unhelpful.

Rank and sour items oft have increased curative properties, though sometimes at a cost of unpleasant side effects. Moldy and Sour items increase in value, but fish which become rank do not. Fully rotten items generally lose their healing properties and may poison or cause other debilitations.

Each item rots at its own rate. According to the Dragon's Dogma: Compendium of Wisdom :

  • Flowers, veg, eggs and meat take 3 days to decay.
  • Fish takes 2 days to turn.
  • Ambrosial Meat and Giant Fish decay faster than lesser meats.

There is no indication of how precisely how long an item has afore it rots. Perishable items do not decay if kept in storage at the inn, and unpicked perishables do not rot or wilt.

Decay can be prevented by making a "kept" item by combining with and an Airtight Flask. Furthermore, rotten kept items can be restored to their fresh state by the use of Spring Water.

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