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Skill icon types

Skill types :
[First row] Slashing , Bashing , Ranged , Magick (attack) , Magick (support)
[Second row] Mobility , Auxillary action (support) , Weapon enhancement , Status enhancement , Defensive

Skills are an integral part of Vocations, affecting a character's combat and support capability in battle. They take the form of attack techniques, moves to aid other characters, and magick spells.

As a character gains Experience Points they also can gain Discipline Points until they level up Rank and with it gain access to even more skills; these can then be acquired by using Discipline Points. Also available alongside weapon skills are Core Skills and Augments which are also purchased with Discipline points.

Skills can be acquired and managed with Asalam in Gran Soren; Ecbal at The Encampment; or with Olra in Bitterblack Isle. Once a skill is purchased, it is unlocked for all other vocations that have that skill.

In Dragon's Dogma there are two tiers to every skill. In Dark Arisen some skills have a third tier added, not learnt but accessible only by wearing the appropriate Skill Rings or Skill Band.

Each skill is associated with a skill type indicated by an icon, indicating melee attacks, ranged, spells, support actions etc. Spell icons are further distinguished by use of the element's color applied to the base icons.

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