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Rusted Weapons are the weakest in the game, and are those first supplied to the Arisen during the quest Newly Arisen. On enhancing a Rusted Weapon to two stars they can inflict poison, and at three stars can inflict torpor. Higher levels of enhancement increase the chances of inflicting a debilitation

The ability to fairly easily inflict torpor makes enhanced Rusted Weapons amongst the most useful in the game. Once the Debilitations have been inflicted, the player may then choose to switch to another weapon to inflict higher damage on the target.

All Rusted Weapons can be gathered at Weapon/Armor Piles throughout Gransys, though some are rare and can only be found in the most distant places. They can all be purchased from Reynard for 500 G each (some won't be sold until certain stages in the game are reached).


  • Rusted weapons follow a video game design trope whereby the weakest weapon (or starter weapon) becomes one of the most useful in the game if kept and upgraded. e.g. see Magikarp (Pokémon)

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