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Rings and Earrings giving additional resistance to Debilitations

Item Resistance Value
Benevolent Earring Curse 60%
Cleansing Earring Poison 60%
Dignified Earring Petrification 60%
Dragonblood All Debilitations 25%
Exuberant Earring Skill Stifling 60%
Faithful Earring Possession 60%
Free-Spoken Earring Silence 60%
Harmonious Earring Lowered Magick 60%
Indomitable Earring Lowered Strength 60%
Iris Ring Frozen Immune
Master Ring -varies- -varies-
Nimble Earring Torpor 60%
Noble Earring Lowered Magick Defense 60%
Preceptor Ring -varies- -varies-
Restless Earring Sleep 60%
Ring of Desiccation Drenched Immune unless submerged
Rose Ring On Fire Immune unless tarred
Sight Earring Blindness 60%
Stalwart Earring Lowered Defense 60%
Violet Ring Thundershock Immune
Virtuoso Ring -varies- -varies-

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