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"If you've weapons or armor that've been strengthened in wyrmfire, you can spend rift crystals to have them further improved." – In-game description

Rarifying is a process in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen that utilizes particular items and Rift Crystals to upgrade equipment beyond the level of Dragonforged. Rarifying services are provided by Barroch.

There are two levels as follows:

Silver Rarified SRIcon.png
Gold Rarified GRIcon.png

Equipment must be upgraded to a Dragonforged level before it can be rarified, and unlike Dragonforging and Enhancing equipment must first be silver rarified before it can be gold rarified.

  • The terms Silver and Gold Dragonforged are also commonly used among players for Rarified equipment.
  • Rarified items cannot be gifted to support pawns.

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