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"If you've weapons or armor that've been strengthened in wyrmfire, you can spend rift crystals to have them further improved." – In-game description

Rarefying is a process in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen that utilizes particular items and Rift Crystals to upgrade equipment beyond the level of Dragonforged. Rarefying (and enhancing) services are provided by Barroch.

There are two levels as follows:

Silver Rarefied SRIcon
Gold Rarefied GRIcon

Equipment must be upgraded to a Dragonforged level before it can be rarefied, and unlike Dragonforging and Enhancing equipment must first be silver rarefied before it can be gold rarefied.

  • The terms "Silver and Gold Dragonforged" are also commonly used among players for Rarefied equipment.
  • Rarefied items cannot be gifted to support pawns.

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