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Weapon Strength Magick
Sword Undulant Gold 633 0
Golden Bastard 657 0
Golden Rapier 681 0
Mace Golden Obliteratrix 605 0
Golden Stings 678 0
Beak of Gold 695 0
Daggers Golden Stilettos 451 0
Snags of Gold 495 0
Golden Bardiches 529 0
Staff Golden Grace 83 684
Path To Heaven 87 655
Golden Claw 100 735
Archistaff Grievous Gold 114 718
Golden Meniscus 130 772
Keen Dragon's Wit 204 857
Warhammer Golden Pale 852 0
Teeth of Gold 1016 0
Golden Cyclops Sigil 1134 0
Longsword Soultaker 841 0
Golden Lance 936 0
Gryphic Gold 992 0
Values are when goldforged.

Weapons of golden alchemick metal. Worth a fair bit of coin, but otherwise unremarkable.

All Golden Weapons once Enhanced to three stars or higher gain the Silence Debilitation.

Golden weapons can only be first obtained as quest rewards, from both escort and elimination quests. Once obtained copies can be bought from Mountebank at The Black Cat. Golden weapons cost, and sell for high amounts of gold.


  • The higher the enhancement of the Golden weapon, the higher the chance it will inflict the Silence debilitation.
    • The more powerful versions of each of the three golden weapons of each type are better at debilitating than the lesser, with the highest being roughly twice as good as the lowest.
  • Selling unwanted Golden weapons for profit early in the game is a good way to accumulate gold.
  • Golden Weapons have a Weapon Level Requirement of 15, or suffer a stamina-draining penalty.

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