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Escort Quests are requests by people in Gransys to be escorted to certain locations. The goal is to reach the requested destination whilst protecting the escortee from harm from roaming enemies. Escort quests are started by consulting the Notice Boards either at the Union Inn in Gran Soren, or Pablos' Inn in Cassardis. Most characters escort quests start at the Union Inn, excluding those of people living in Cassardis. In the Post-Game, all escort quest will be starting from Cassardis instead since the Union Inn's questboard will be disabled.

Specific quests may become available only at a specific point in the questline, and be removed if uncompleted at a later point.


Completing an escort quest will significantly raise the companions affinity. Most escort quests are also rewarded by commonly obtainable items and potions, gold, experience, or occasionally clothing. A number of important minor characters give unique or rare Golden Weapons as rewards. Steffen, Clarus, Wilhem, Austine, Ser Berne, Mercedes, and Julien have unique rewards from their quests.


  • Escort Quests for a specific person are generally only available during one of the 'Story Progression Stages' - they will not appear until that stage, and will disappear from the board when the next stage starts, if not completed first.
  • Escort quests generally require a character's affinity to be raised before they become available.
    • Two favored items should always be enough, but more common affinity items will be needed; noticeably high affinity with 'pink glowing', and 'chimes' are not needed
    • The quests (if available at that time) can appear immediately, but if already in the same location as the Notice Board it won't be updated until the place is exited and re-entered. Oddly sleeping does not seem to update the board.
    • If affinity gifts are given for a quest that will become available at a much later date it is advised to raise affinity more, since affinity is thought to decay.
  • Many quests, specific those for persons within the Duke's Demesne cannot be obtained until New Game Plus as there quests potentially appear on notice boards before the first opportunity to meet them during Come to Court.
  • Only one escort quest can be active a time, and no other notice board quests can be started while it is ongoing - the quest can be cancelled by returning to the notice board.
    • Like other Notice Board Quests only six can be on the board at one time. The only way to clear the board and get more available quests is clear (or fail) available ones.
  • An accepted Escort Quests can be cancelled at any Notice Board. The quest will be reposted on the board straight away. All other Notice Board quests will not be available to accept on any board whilst the escort quest is ongoing.


  • Escortees will not follow to Bitterblack Isle - however on returning from there they will rejoin the party.
  • Some characters have no escort quest - these include Ser Whitby and Ser Elthar who will not leave their post, and the knights at Duke Edmund's court who appear only briefly - such as Ser Brigante.
  • See also Notice board quests for general optional quests.

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