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Draconic Weapons are weapons that are awarded to the Arisen by defeating Grigori in The Final Battle. There are twelve weapons in total that may be obtained. The weapons awarded will be of the same type as the Arisen had equipped on defeating the Dragon.


  • In Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen the strength of all Dragon Weapons is improved over that in the original Dragon's Dogma. Changes are noted on each of the corresponding weapon pages within parentheses.
  • In order to obtain all twelve weapons, the Arisen must defeat Grigori a minimum of eight separate times.
    • A possible path to acquire all twelve is to fight as a Fighter (sword & shield), Strider (daggers & shortbow), Warrior (warhammer), Warrior (longsword), Ranger (longbow), Sorcerer (archistaff), Mystic Knight (mace & magick shield) and Magick Archer (magick bow & staff)
  • These weapons can be gifted with the exception of the mace, magick shield, and magick bow which cannot be equipped by a Pawn, and thus cannot be gifted.
  • All have Weapon Level Requirement of 28.
  • See also Ur-Dragon Weapons.

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