"New foes?! Is it the others' corpses drew them here?"

Necrophages are enemies that are attracted to the corpses of other creatures, or to Rancid Bait Meat - they are found only on Bitterblack Isle.


Location Creature Notes
Garden of Ignominy Garm or Death Appears in open garden area.

Garm appear after Goblin species, Death after Saurians.

Death appears on first time entering the open garden area. And then Post-Daimon, when Saurians are present.

Duskmoon Tower Cursed Dragon Central area
Ward of Regret Elder Ogre or Death Passages where a Skeleton Brute is found.

Death appears post-Daimon, if the area is inhabited by ghastly enemies and Banshees.

Midnight Helix Cursed Dragon or Death Center

Will not appear if bait is placed with a rampaging Gorecyclops, but will if the cyclops is still chained.

Death appears post-Daimon, if the area is inhabited by Gorecyclops and Corrupted Pawns.

Gutter of Misery Elder Ogre or Death In the water filled tunnel.
Rotunda of Dread none
Vault of Defiled Truth Garm or Death Multiple Garm appear post-Daimon.

In the open garden area (spawn) or 1st floor south wing (preleplanned).

Shrine of Futile Truths none
Fortress of Remembrance Elder Ogre or Death On the bridge.

Elder Ogre may also appear in the lowest level.

Death appears on first visiting the place, and also post-Daimon if Wraiths and Eliminators were found.

The Black Abbey none
The Pilgrim's Gauntlet Cursed Dragon or Death Open first floor courtyard.

Death appears post-Daimon.

Tower of Treasons Repaid Cursed Dragon Center
Forsaken Cathedral Elder Ogre or Death Elder Ogre on the 4th floor.

Death on the 3rd floor.

Rotwood Depository Elder Ogre Near the exit leading to The Forgotten Hall.
The Forgotten Hall Garm or Death In front of the entrance to Rotwood Depository or the second floor courtyard.
The Bloodless Stockade Elder Ogre or Death Elder Ogre in the tunnel before the Sparyard of Scant Mercy.
Sparyard of Scant Mercy Cursed Dragon or Death
The Fallen City Cursed Dragon or Death The village.
Bitterblack Sanctum none

Pawn Chatter

"Seems the stench of death has lured further beasts..."
"Necrophagous beast are come! Stand ready!"

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