Dark Arisen: Augments, also known as Secret Augments are a class of 14 Augments that can be unlocked by Augment Scrolls obtained from purification of cursed Bitterblack Novelties.

They can be unlocked and equipped by any vocation and vocation rank.

Augment Description Scroll DP
Acquisition Hastens the speed with which you gather and mine items. Scroll of Acquisition 2,000
Adhesion Makes it harder for an enemy to throw you off whilst you're clinging to it. Scroll of Adhesion 10,000
Athleticism Reduces Stamina consumed whilst running. Scroll of Athleticism 13,000
Conveyance Hastens your movement speed whilst carrying a person or object. Scroll of Conveyance 1,700
Facility Hastens the reloading process for ballistae, allowing you to loose bolts more quickly. Scroll of Facility 3,000
Flow Keeps you from being slowed while fording water or marshland. Scroll of Flow 4,000
Fortune Increases the likelihood enemies will drop Rift Crystals. Scroll of Fortune 12,000
Grace Raises the threshold for taking damage from falls, allowing you to safely alight from greater heights. Scroll of Grace 10,000
Mettle Increases the ratio of white, recoverable Health when you take damage. Scroll of Mettle 8,000
Opportunism Augments your strength whilst you cling to a foe. Scroll of Opportunism 11,000
Predation Slightly restores Health when you deliver the killing blow to a foe. Scroll of Predation 8,000
Prolongation Makes your lantern oil last longer, greatly extending its duration of use. Scroll of Prolongation 7,000
Recuperation Hastens the speed with which you recover lost Health from curative magic and healing springs. Scroll of Recuperation 7,000
Tenacity Grants a chance that any attack which would reduce your Health to 0 leaves you with 1 Health instead. Scroll of Tenacity 11,000

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