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Weapon Strength Magick
Sword Undulant Black 603 0
Aneled Bastard 615 0
Aneled Rapier 627 0
Mace Aneled Obliteratrix 596 0
Aneled Stings 658 0
Aneled Beak 671 0
Daggers Aneled Stilettos 415 0
Aneled Snags 439 0
Aneled Bardiches 471 0
Staff Aneled Grace 80 604
Gleam of Heaven 84 619
Aneled Claw 95 692
Archistaff Grievous Black 93 614
Aneled Meniscus 116 746
Eclipsed Providence 159 795
Warhammer Aneled Pale 702 0
Aneled Tooth 820 0
Aneled Cyclops Sigil 921 0
Longsword Soulbreaker 680 0
Aneled Lance 755 0
Gryphic Black 801 0
Values are when goldforged.

Greased weapons that douse whatever they strike in oil

All Aneled Weapons can inflict Tarring, and once Enhanced to level three, gain the ability to Blind.

Aneled Weapons are initially only obtained as quest rewards - once obtained from the relevant quest, Aneled Weapons can be repurchased from Johnathan at his Rift Shop in The Encampment for Rift Crystals.


  • The higher the enhancement of an Aneled Weapon, the higher the chance it will inflict both Tarred and Blindness.
    • The more powerful versions of each of the three aneled weapons of each type are better at debilitating than the lesser, with the highest being roughly twice as good as the lowest.
  • The tarring debiliation works well with a fire enchantment.
  • Aneled Weapons can be effective against species of Wolf as they will shake off the oil from their hides when Tarred, during which time they are vulnerable to attacks.
  • Aneled Weapons were DLC weapons available in Dragon's Dogma.
  • Aneled Weapons can not be used for Trading and Gifting
  • All Aneled Weapons have no value (0 gold) when sold.

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