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Cassardi armor and clothing is armor available in Dragon's Dogma.


Standard Cassardi wear consists of cloths suitable for light work or fishing - there are several discrete armor and clothing sets available from Cassardis; all are light armor or clothing, none except the fine underclothes carry any elemental resistance beyond fire and ice.

Cassardi clothing is either sold at Aestella's or Iola's shop - it is unavailable outside Cassardis.


Fisherman's sets[]

The Set of Fisherman's Garb is a standard set of Cassardian fisherman's clothes - a similar set was worn by the Arisen during the Dragon attack, and was damaged, making the Set of Fisherman's Tatters.

Plebian armor set[]

Consisting of the Plebian Shirt and Cloth Greaves (Plebian Trousers) - these are very similar to the Fisherman's garb. A set of this kind is supplied to the Arisen during the quest Newly Arisen.

Cassardi clothing and armor[]

The Cassardi Shift and Cassardi Trousers are light fabric cloths suitable for warm places. The female and male versions of these differ. The Cassardi Greaves are complemented by either of the traditional Talismanic Beads or Wooden Bands.

Fine Cassardi Clothing[]

The Fine Cassardi Hosen and Fine Cassardi Shirt are better made and more expensive alternatives to the standard Cassardi under-clothes

Traveler's clothing[]

The Traveler's Hood, Traveler's Shirt, Traveler's Tights and Traveler's Vest form a set of light cloth clothes, sold at Aestella's (Hood and Vest in Dark Arisen only). The Traveler's Vest is restricted to spellcasters only.

The Hunter's Clothing Set is an upgraded version of the traveler's undergarments.

Farewell Set[]

A set of over garments, comprising the Farewell Hood, Farewell Cloak, and Farewell Gloves. Given to those that would set out on an adventure.