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Capcom Co., Ltd. (Japanese: 株式会社カプコン), or just Capcom, is a Japanese video games developer and publisher. They are best known creating some of the most famous video game franchises, including Street Fighter, Resident Evil, Monster Hunter, Devil May Cry, and Mega Man. Capcom was established in 1983, since then it has become an international enterprise with branches and subsidiaries in North America, Europe, and East Asia.

Dragon's Dogma franchise[]

Dragon's Dogma[]

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In August 2010, Capcom registered trademarks for Dragon's Dogma and Asura's Wrath in Europe. Dragon's Dogma was officially announced in April 2011 at Capcom's Captivate event. At Captivate, the game's director, Hideaki Itsuno, noted that the game was one he had been wanting to make for a long time, and now that he had advanced technology and a staff of 150 people, he could finally release his dream.

The game, an action role playing game set in a fantasy world, was released in May 2012 on Xbox 360 and PS3.

Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen[]

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A full expansion to Dragon's Dogma, entitled Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen, was released for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on April 23, 2013. Dark Arisen is not considered DLC, but rather an enhanced version of the original game with additional features and the new Bitterblack Isle zone to explore. One does not need to own the original game to play Dark Arisen, as the original game is included on both physical and digital versions. Owners of the original game can upload their saves to be rewarded with an Eternal Ferrystone (a Ferrystone with infinite uses), 100,000 Rift Crystals—a form of in-game currency—and six armor sets. Dark Arisen includes a new fast travel system, as well as new items, weapons and armor. The Xbox 360 version of Dark Arisen includes a separate disc used to install game data as there was not enough room on one disc for the Xbox version of the game.

Dragon's Dogma 2[]

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A sequel was announced in 2022.

Spin offs[]

Pawn Community[]

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Capcom established an official site for players to share information, including screen shots. The site was called, "Pawn Community".

Additional features included the online newsheet titled "The Gran Soren Times", and an adobe flash browser based mini game Arisen's Abode which rewards players with furniture and other accessories for a virtual Arisen's home presented in an isometric view - rewards were obtained for completing simple tasks such as publishing a screenshot of a specific location.

The service closed 31 Jan 2022.

Dragon's Dogma Quest[]

Dragon's Dogma Quest was a 2D spin off game for iOS and PS-Vita. The service was shut down between 2014 and 2015.

Dragon's Dogma Online[]

An online, free-to-play version of Dragon's Dogma, Dragon's Dogma Online, for PS3, PS4 and Windows PC was announced in 2015.

The game service ended December 2019.


As part of the initial promotion of the game an animated comic was released, which told more of the story of the pawn Savan. (See Dragon's Dogma Digital Comic.)

A free mobile app for iOS and Android, the Dragon's Dogma: Compendium of Wisdom was also release in 2012, with gameplay based on a database or residents and items found in Gransys. Neither version is available as of 2022.

Manga (comic book) spin offs have been serialised : Dragon's Dogma Progress (by Toshio Hirano, 平野博寿);[2] and Dragon's Dogma Revives (『ドラゴンズドグマ リヴァイブス』) (by Yumiya Tashiro).[3]

A new game, Deep Down, a free to play online cooperative game taking place in a fantasy setting was unveiled by Capcom at the PS4 unveiling event in 2013 - similarities led to speculation that the game was to be Dragon's Dogma's sequel. An official forum post later clarified that the game was unrelated to Dragon's Dogma world.[4] The game's development was not completed and it is now considered 'vaporware'

In March 2019 Netflix announced it would be showing an anime [ Dragon's Dogma (Netflix) ] based on the IP to be produced by Sublimation Inc.[5]

Sales and sequels[]

By mid 2012 total shipped copies of Dragon's Dogma had exceeded 1 million, and the company Capcom re-iterated plans to develop the 'Dragon's Dogma' brand into a franchise.[6] In an interview with famitsu Capcom producer Yoshinori Ono explained that in general (with respect to fighting games) a game needed to sell over 2 million for a series to have sequels greenlit, stating jokingly "禁断のモデルは、カジノのポーカーのようなスタイルですよ。" (I'm forbidden to use a 'casino poker' business model).[7]

By end of September 2014 Dragon's Dogma and Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen had sold 0.71 million units on xbox360, mostly in Europe and North America;[8] and 1.63million units on PS3, of which over 40% was in Japan.[9]

On April 2, 2024, it was confirmed by the company Capcom that sales of Dragon's Dogma 2 reached 2.5 million units. The entire Dragon's Dogma series franchise has surpassed 10 million units.[10]

Some fans of the game sign their posts with 【DD制作希望】 or 【We hope DD2】 on Capcom's 'Pawn Community' screenshot sharing website.


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