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Call of the Arisen is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.

Well met Arisen. Can you hear our voice ?


"A mysterious voice called when you arrived at the encampment. Perhaps it is your destiny that beckons..."

Investigate the mysterious voice, and answer its call.


This quest becomes available as soon as the Arisen enters The Encampment - a mysterious voice speaks and asks the Arisen to face a trial.

Heed the Voice[]

Call of the Arisen1

The quest requires the Arisen to seek out the Riftstone inside the Command Headquarters in The Encampment.

Follow the path upwards to the central area of the Encampment. There is a large tent with Mercedes standing in front of, and inside is Ecbal.

Head inside the tent and speak to the mysterious voice by examining the Riftstone.

Search the Area[]

Once the voice has spoken to the Arisen, head down the path and a cutscene will trigger with soldiers running towards the northern gate.

Follow them and exit the Encampment through the northern gate and prepare for battle.

Drive off the Threat[]

Once outside, there will be a Cyclops attack on the soldiers along with several Goblins.

The Cyclops isn't very considerate of its allies and can dispatch them, so use that as an advantage. With the help of Rook and the soldiers, the creature is soon dispatched - the Cyclops is already worn down and has only a sliver of Health left. Make sure to pick up any items the creatures may have dropped.

Report to the Rift[]

Once the Cyclops has been defeated, return to the Encampment and report back to the Riftstone in the central tent.

Quest Successful[]

Upon talking with the Riftstone, the Main Pawn creation will start (see also Character Editor).

Afterwards, a cutscene will trigger and the quest is completed.


  • Completion of Call of the Arisen unlocks the secret trophy/achievement A New Ally - for summoning the Main Pawn.


"The Beast comes. Hurry!" - Ser Publius
"You must hold it! Just a while longer!" - Ser Caraway, when trying to leave
"What are you doing, man!? Make haste!" - Ser Lanferd, when trying to leave


"With that, your trial is complete. You are the Arisen in truth, proven beyond any doubt.
Now, I bid you select a companion for the journey ahead. They shall serve you and you alone,
to share in your hardships and aid you in every endeavor. " - ???


  • The mysterious voice (in-game subtitled as "???") seems to be that of the pawn Barnaby. Later he continues to speak on behalf of pawns, using "we" not "I" when conversing with the Arisen.
  • The soldiers who help drive off the Cyclops include Ser Publius, Ser Jet, Ser Terrance, Ser Lysther, and Ser Brinden. There's also Ser Caraway and Ser Lanferd blocking paths outside.

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