By Royal Decree III is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.


"In the name of the mighty conqueror, King Theodore the Bold, you are hereby ordered to offer up the corpse of a dragon of flame in tribute."

Slay the two Firedrakes in the Chamber of Fate.


This quest is only available in Post-Game, from the Arisen's Refuge notice board.

Once this quest is obtained, the Drake which normally spawns in the Chamber of Fate will be replaced with two Firedrakes.

The chamber may also contain another foe group including Lich, Chimera, Gorechimera and Hellhounds - if these are found first defeat them, and re-enter to face the Firedrakes.

By Royal Decree III (quest walkthrough)

By Royal Decree III (quest walkthrough)

A Mystic Knight demonstrating Abyssal Anguish and Full Moon Slash against 2 Firedrakes in the Chamber of Fate. No damage. Hard mode with no buffs, curatives or Wakestones used.

Once the pair is defeated, the quest will be complete.


  • Refer to the page on Firedrakes for combat advice.
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