Burning is a debilitation in Dragon's Dogma when the target is caught on fire.


See also Elemental Debilitation.

Character loses 24 HP every second for about 15 seconds. Can be inflicted with Fire based skillsFire based weaponsDragon's Spit, explosives, torches and by standing in fire.

Being on fire is 'contagious' - burning Goblins may set alight their friends in their panic; similarly grappling an inflamed Hellhound may inflict burning on the grappler.

Causes and cures

Enemy fire breath, spit, or fluids of Drakes, The DragonFiredrakes, Hellhounds, and Pyre Saurians may inflict Burning.

A few enemies may also first attempt to inflict Tarring so that successive Fire attacks are more effective, inflicting Burning more quickly. This is the reason why Goblins throw Flasks of Oil and Torches.

Cured by Smother SapInterventivePanacea, the spell Halidom and any spell or item that grants Impervious


  • Burning forces flying feathered enemies to land.
  • Burning goblins panic.
  • Burning can also be used against Wolves, Direwolves and Saurians. They will roll on the ground to extinguish the flames; this puts them in a vulnerable position out of battle stance.


  • Tarring does not increase the damage from burning, but does cause an increase in damage by the strike or spell that ignited it.
  • Drenched can remove Burning and Tarring from a target.
  • Equipping a Lantern whilst tarred is a recipe for an accident..
  • Oddly, resistance to elemental fire does not reduce the chance of being set on fire, nor does it reduce the damage from being on fire.


For creature resistances, see List of Creature Debilitation Resistances.

Both the augment Intervention and the Rose Ring can prevent catching fire. However they are not effective against everything - for example the Rose Ring protects against the burning caused by a Drake's breath, but not the burning acid pools created by a Gorechimera.



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