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This page contains Bugs or Glitches that were introduced in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.

Some bugs from the original game also remain - see Bugs (Dragon's Dogma).


The Final Battle[]

  • Ps3 x256px, 360 x256px With the introduction of Dark Arisen it seems if the player leaves The Tainted Mountain and quits the game after having activated at least one pressure plate but has not opened the door, it will become impossible to subsequently open the door and continue the game.

Of Merchants and Monsters[]

  • 360 x256px If the Ogres are killed and the gate opened before speaking to Alon (e.g. typically by accessing the quarry via the back entrance, and possibly requiring the Ogres to be killed before the quest Off With Its Head is completed), he will thank the Arisen for opening the gate, and then ask to clear the quarry of monsters. He will not recognize the monsters are dead, and the quest will not complete.

Witch Hunt[]

  • Pc x256The lighting setting for the cutscene at the Witch's House will persist after its end resulting in the whole Witchwood being brightly lit. More noticeable at night when it results in "moon light" effect.

Reaper's Scorn[]

  • Switch x256, Pc x256 It has been reported that placing the two Wakestone Shards into storage can cause them to disappear.


Midnight Helix[]

  • Entry stairs and hallway cause odd dislocation of large enemies' attacks, eg Cursed Dragon's Cursed Breath Assault may "slide up" the stairs.
  • And Prisoner Gorecyclops' ground slam may travel few meters into the hallways from the point of impact.

Duskmoon Tower[]

  • Similarly Cursed Dragon's Cursed Breath Assault interacts with the entry stairs here, and also at the main plaza.

Rotwood Depository[]

  • Occasionally a graphical glitch may occur that makes water here have "wooden floor" texture whenever Arisen has Lantern turned off. This is caused by Pawns lanterns' light and may be fixed by depriving all Pawns of such light sources.

Conquest Road[]


Abyssal Anguish[]

  • This skill randomly adds a lot of debilitation effects after passing between gated areas.

Calamitous Lash[]

Dazzle Blast[]

Fearful Din[]

Grand Brontide[]

  • Pawns never use this skill (i.e., the Grand version of High Brontide).

Mystic Knight Shield Counters[]

  • This set of skills randomly adds a debilitation effect after passing between gated areas.

Reaper's Arrow[]

  • Damage may be bugged against giant creatures (Calamitous Lash may also have a similar bug).

Vortex Sigil[]

  • The duration of this skill is only 12 seconds, no better than Funnel Sigil, which it is supposed to upgrade from in terms of duration (and radius).

Holy Fortress[]

Sheltered Assault[]

  • Using this skill against an exploding Stout Undead has been documented to cause the game to seize up.



  • Ps3 x256px, 360 x256px This Augment was bugged, in that damage taken while preparing a spell was increased by at least two times. This applies to both Dragon’s Dogma and Dark Arisen versions of the game.
  • Pc x256 - Steam version was fixed by the patch on December 17, 2017 (as stated by Capcom).
    • Gog logo GOG.com version still bugged.
  • Ps4 x256px, Xone x256px - This bug has been fixed.


  • Ps3 x256px, 360 x256px The Tenacity augment has been known to activate, but the game will treat the Arisen as "dead". Pawns will still fight, but ignore the Arisen (no healing or protection). Or they may stand in place doing nothing (AI temporarily lost) while enemies continue to attack them and allies. Enemies may also ignore the Arisen completely.
    • The only solution is to either Godsbane or reload from an earlier checkpoint save.
    • It is highly recommended to NOT save the game in this state as this will permanently set the pawn's behavior. Quitting to the Main Menu or rehiring pawns in the Rift will not fix their odd behavior. In case the game was saved accidentally, restore a save from Xbox Cloud or PS+ Cloud (if available).


  • Rarely will not prevent stagger/knockdown from roar or wind buffets when exposed at point blank range.



  • Ps3 x256px, 360 x256px With the introduction of Dark Arisen, players have reported a location glitch which spawns another Clarus. Oddly, she can be found at the same location.
    • No solution has been found for this odd glitch, however no reports have surfaced that it affects the game in a negative way.


  • Ps3 x256px, 360 x256px With the introduction of Dark Arisen, players have reported a location glitch which spawns another Quina. Oddly, she can be found at the same location or at both spawn locations (Cassardis and The Abbey) by traveling from one area to the other whether it be by foot or Ferrystone.
    • No solution has been found for this odd glitch, however no reports have surfaced that it affects the game in a negative way.


  • Pc x256 Upon switching to Hard Mode when first met on the Cassaris pier Olra may use generic dialogue instead of her own (which results in being transfered to Bitterblack Isle). This bars the player from reaching the DLC isle. Changing back to Normal and then once again to Hard Mode fixes the issue.


Dark Arisen: Dragons[]

  • Pawns will climb but not attack the greater Dragons (Dire Drake, Dire Wyrm, Dire Wyvern) found only on Bitterblack Isle, ignoring other skills. Lesser dragons on the Isle are not affected.


  • Ps3 x256px, 360 x256px If an Eliminator and its target are on separate elevation levels when the Eliminator attacks with Foot Stomp, the hammer will not hit the character as the attack can only affect characters on its own elevation.

Golden Knight/Silver Knight[]

  • Pc x256 When either of them is being grappled it gains immortality - clearing its health will reset it immediately to full. This appears to occur when the other one is still alive.

Skeleton Lord[]

  • Ps3 x256px, 360 x256px The Skeleton Lords found in the Mountain Cottage have been observed disappear if the battle is taken anywhere outside of the cottage.
    • Ps4 x256px This issue does not happen.


  • Ps3 x256px, 360 x256px When Death spawns in the Garden of Ignominy (from the Entrance of Bitterblack Isle), if the player walks onto the balcony, Death will try to attack the player but will get stuck on the way - where Snakes (Pre-Daimon) or Leapworms (Post-Daimon) spawn. Unless the player stays away from the Lantern Light and has no Light Source of their own (like a Lantern), Death will stay there and do nothing.
  • Pc x256When met in The Bloodless Stockade (Pre-Daimon) in various areas Death will constantly move up and down when attacking the party, disabling melee attackers completely. Also may get stuck in various areas due to this behavior.

Stout Undead[]

  • Ps3 x256px, 360 x256px Using Explosive Rivet on a group of Stout Undead sometimes freezes the game.


  • The Conquest Road and Estan Plains wyvern(s) often will fly into the sea and die, causing unexpected Dragonforging. Alternatively the Conquest Road wyvern may fly off and hover over the sea, or behind Windbluff tower, out of range of attacks.
    • For many people it will be impossible to get the Conquest Road dragon to engage in battle without it flying off after a short time.
  • This flying off behavior has also been reported for the Drakes, though not as often.

Evil Eye[]

  • Pc x256At Rotunda of Dread Evil Eye will rarely exit the teleport under the arena. It retains mobility and most of its battle capability but cannot be seen or attacked directly.

Goblin Shaman[]

Poisoned Undead[]

  • When knocked down a portion of its hitbox may sink into the ground not allowing stabbing skill like Dire Gouge to hit it.


Nonresponsive controls[]

  • Whenever grappling an enemy within "Unholy Anodyne" area of effect the controls will stop responding untill the graphical effect of the spell will dissipate.
    • Also grappled enemy will stop struggling.


  • At the center part of Shrine of Futile Truths camera for manual aiming mode of Ingle and Gicel groups of spells is being positioned right behind character instead offering the shoulder view.


Health bar gfx glitch
  • Dark Arisen introduces a glitch that causes persistence of "segment cleared" gfx on the large enemies' health bars.

Supposedly caused by dealing excessive damage to enemy.


  • Ps4 x256px Hotkeyed Group Curatives don't affect the group, only the Arisen.
    • Pc x256 Works as intended on PC.

Stuck Mouse Key[]

  • Pc x256Rarely the game may start acting as if one of the mouse buttons is keep being pressed which may be a problem if it has one of the skill actions assigned to it. Windows' restart fixes this issue. Alternative fix may be found here.

New Game Plus[]

  • Ps3 x256px, 360 x256px It has been reported that if the Dark Arisen DLC The Crucible of the Lost is downloaded and New Game Plus is started, shops may fully upgrade their stocks and unlock their entire inventory.
    • Ps4 x256px Fixed/does not apply on PS4.

Cursed King's Belt[]

  • Pc x256 On the PC version of Dragon's Dogma prior to the 27 January 2016 patch, equipping this belt on any male character (both pawns and Arisen) would crash the game and in some cases even corrupt the save file. See also patch notes posted by Capcom on Steam - DD:DA Patch #1 Now Available.

Lost loot[]

  • When at steep terrain the enemy drops may "sink into" the surface to the point where the usual flash won't be visible, and may even slip down. Rarely the bundle shaped loot may stick out a bit.

Faulty hit-box collisions[]

  • Certain enemies hit-boxes will clip through the terrain of Bitterblack Isle. This occurs when an enemy is too tall, high or small and will result in some or all of their hit-boxes being un-hittable, with all attacks simply passing through the body of the foe in question. The Lich in The Bloodless Stockade is a notorious example of this.
    • This bug also makes top parts of enemies impossible to climb in low ceiling passages.

Strobing Chests[]

  • Should a large enemy be slain and its corpse land on an unopened Treasure Chest, the decay process will cause the body of the chest (but not the lid) to strobe. Opening and looting the chest will not stop the strobing effect.

Persistent sound[]

  • Switch x256 The Switch version has an audio bug wherein combat music will continue playing after combat has ended. Reloading a save or exiting and re-entering an area may stop the audio.
    • Installing the game on internal systems storage has been reported as a potential fix, may not work.
  • Focused Bolt skill will use the charging sound of the recently used Weapon Enchantment even after the effect running out.
  • Party members with inflicted Burning may still emmit the respective burning sound even after debilitation effect has ceased.
  • After loading the save within in-game menus and the sounds from the previous game session may be heard briefly on closing game menus.
  • The music from the final part of Search Party may be kept playing untill the player has traversed to other area.
  • Particularly common is a dircharge sound of Metal Golem's beam persisting throughout battle.

Equipment Weights[]

  • Weapons and Armor that weigh exactly integer amounts (eg 1.00, 2.00 weight) may show as one 1 less in the Equipment Menu, whilst showing the correct weight in Inventory.
    • Examples include : The Lion's Spine (2*), Rusted Archistaff (rarified), Dragon's Dogma (Sword) (3*), and Devilsbane (3*).
    • May also be bugged in the original Dragon's Dogma.(verify)
    • Appears to be a purely display error, and doesn't affect Encumbrance etc.
    • Additionally rounding errors (0.01 weight units) may appear when transferring items from one party member to another for any weight of item - this is likely due to equipment weight being represented internally (in-engine) to more accuracy than the 2 decimal places shown in-game.

Online Pawns[]

  • Xone x256px, Xbox series sx logo Even when online both Wandering Pawns and Pawns that appear in the Rift may be offline pawns. Only by manually searching in the Rift can online (user generated) pawns be found and hired.