Broad Slash is a skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Broad Cut that allows the user to fall back in the direction of their choosing while cutting a broad swath with the weapon."

An advanced version of Broad Cut that allows the direction of tactical retreat to be set.


  • The direction of retreat is in the opposite direction to that facing. The (L-stick) direction chosen will set the facing direction.
    • This allows follow up attacks with other skills in the same direction without changing the (L-stick) direction.
    • The fall back may not be successful if the chosen direction is 180 degrees to that currently facing - turns of 90 degrees will always be successful.
  • Broad Slash possesses a small window of invulnerability frames similar in duration to the timing required for a Perfect Block. Though the tactical retreat is often enough to avoid being hit.

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