• Zadymek

    I've been doing some research. My aim is to research components, scaling and number of hits on Demonspite and -wrath, the Mystic Knight skills.

    Here is the research setup.

    Test character:

    Mystic Knight, level 31.

    STR 128/MAG 184, no damage augments.

    Test subjects:

    • Skeleton Brute
    • Cyclops (unarmored)

    Test weapons:

    1. Rusted Magick Shield: STR 5/MAG 9
    2. DF Wooden Wall: STR 103/MAG 220
    3. Gold Knight's Honor: STR 272/MAG 560
    4. Gold Dark Buckler: STR 447/MAG 845

    • The skill consists of five components: the 360° blow, initial shockwave, multiple beams of Dark, final beam of Dark and massive blast.
    • The initial shockwave, that is released just before discharge, covers 180° radius and about 2m ahead. Hits with Dark. Very weak.
    • Healthbars' analyses indicate that the beam hits…

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  • Vometia

    Mapping Bitterblack Isle

    January 14, 2020 by Vometia

    At XuEn's suggestion I've decided to put this in its own blog entry, so it's mostly a cut-and-paste from the image's about section.

    I'm one of those people who likes to know where things are in relation to each other, maybe as I quite often get lost and my attempts to drive from one place to another can sometimes be a bit of a magical mystery tour. My experience of wandering about in video games is no better, whether or not it's intentionally aimless.

    Sometimes there are maps to refer to. If there aren't, sometimes someone else does one. And when they don't, as a last resort I'll try my own hand at it. I'm not very good at it but I won't be put off by such trivialities!

    Anyway, most of the rest of my thoughts and reasons for doing things the …

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  • Technobliterator

    Hey all!

    Barring any objections, we will be enabling Discussions on Dragon's Dogma Wiki.

    This feature will provide several benefits to your community:

    1. Enabling Discussions allows Dragon's Dogma Wiki to feature in the Fandom App. We think it'd be a great fit, given how the wiki receives around 2 million page views a month.
    2. Our data shows that users who visit Discussions tend to come back to the wiki twice as likely as someone who only looks at articles. That indicates Discussions makes a wiki more engaging and gives users something that is worth coming back for. A community is more likely to thrive if its visitors make it a regular habit, a part of their fan experience.
    3. As a consequence of both 1 and 2, wikis with an app and an active Discussion…
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  • Technobliterator

    Hey Dragon's Dogma Wiki! I'm Technobliterator, and I'm the Fandom Wiki Manager here. I'm here to help your community, and I'm a liaison to full-time Fandom Staff. If any of you have any questions relating to the wiki, whether it's code-related, policy related, or otherwise, I'm your first point of contact.

    One thing I'd like to ask right off the bat: how much coverage does the wiki intend to devote to the Netflix anime series that's coming up? Do you think coverage should be on this wiki, or would it be better handled by another community on another wiki?

    There are pros and cons to doing it either way. I noticed that the anime page right now doesn't have that much content (because we don't know much about it), and just wanted to see if it ha…

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  • DarkMagicArcher96
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  • Zadymek

    Ogre tactics

    January 22, 2019 by Zadymek

    Some musings on fighting Mr silk lingerie lover.

    Strategic evaluation

    1. Very fast and very resistant enemy, both physical damage and stagger/knockdown. Definitely Strength of ~270 and stagger/knockdown power of 200 are the minimum for this fight.
    2. Magic damage is defnitely an asset when fighting an Ogre, especially Lightning damage.
    3. And also debilitations: doesn't have particularly strong resistances, except Blind. Minor resistance to Curse: 2-3 Skulls should handle this.
    4. Prefers to attack females, to the point where it doesn't give a crap about anyone else attacking it up front.
    5. Weakpoints: face and legs (stagger/knockdown).

    Counter attack - when has climber near its face will cover its eyes and immediately retaliate with puches if was attac…

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  • Zadymek

    Spell vs Skill

    November 8, 2018 by Zadymek

    Did anyone ever wondered how is that core (and skill) shots from DF Rusted Bow + Barbed Nails make a bigger impression on airborne Firedrake than multiple Holy F*** Bolts from Gold Rarefied Bane Archistaff with all Knockdown Augments?

    Now, I have this hypothesis about stagger/knockdown (s/k) power application from weapons differing between Spells and [physical] Skills.

    Spell vs Skill hypothesis

    The difference would be that:

    1.  Skills don't lose their s/k power even when dealing 0 damage (one can easily test it with Rusted bow and 2xBarbed Nails, even core shots will knock dragons off the sky)
    2. While Spells in such situation bear no, or next to no, "weight" (Gold Rarefied Rusted Archistaff + 2xBarbed Nails and even Maelstrom feels like a breeze to …

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  • Zadymek

    Apart from the two I proposed and am already working on filming, that is the rules of:

    • one [kind of] boss per map
    • one Maneater per map (Pre-Daimon, Post some chests are tweaked)

    there are some other interesting regularities at Bitterblack I'd like to discuss here.


    Do you know that, at times, enemies of Bitterblack will ignore the Augment and the things that shouldn't stagger the Arisen with Stability equipped will stagger anyway? It's more clearly visible when one compares the same monster in Gransys and at Bitterblack. For instance Cyclopes. Cyclopes' fall produces a ground shockwave that always staggers nearby enemies right? Well, wrong: stomps, yes, falls don't stagger with Stability Augment. Unless it happens at Bitterblack, then …

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  • CleanSlate

    Mystic Knight

    October 8, 2018 by CleanSlate

    Hi all,

    I have returned to the game after a long time, around a year later and I'm planning to make a new character. I have created 3 characters before and levelled them to max level (magick archer, ranger and strider). This time I wanted to play a charcter that is not an archer also that does not rely on climbing enemies. Archers was the most easiest to play as you can use your rusted bow to inflict torpor easily, slow the shit out of the enemies and climb them and kill them easily. This is exactly what I'm trying to avoid. I felt mages and sorcerers are alittle too slow and squishy for for my liking and planned to play a mystic knight.

    I heard mystic knight is one of the great classes and I wanted to build for it solely for any instance l…

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  • Zadymek

    Cursed Dragon trolling

    September 30, 2018 by Zadymek

    Today I was researching Cursed Dragon's moves, at Duskmoon ofc. I racalled CD had tail lash attack, and tried to reproduce it. Couldn't, it simply doesn't do it outdoors. But also noticed something interesting.

    - If I'd grab its tail it'd try to shake me off, that's normal. But

    - if I'd "stick close" to the tip of the tail, all the time ...I'd get totally annoyed dragon. It's so annoyed it couldn't even attack! Everytime it was turning I was following the tip of the tail and so, the Cursed Dragon was basically chasing its tail ;)

    What's more important, it was always reacting with lengthy roar of annoyance  - you know, dragonkin do this sometimes, usually after missin the grab (they are vulnerable during it btw). And we were spinning and spinn…

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  • InternetNobody


    September 30, 2018 by InternetNobody
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  • Valkeryie


    September 26, 2018 by Valkeryie

    Don't  see this in any other blog, but I found by accident that if you attempt to jump up a cliff just past the save camp  where the cyclops and goblins are you can dragonford equipment without fighting the dragon. I did it 3 times. Look for the tree and attempt to jump up the slope, presto items dragonforged. It's at the very top of the map.

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  • KaiserLos24

    First blog post ever :)

    So I've recently started my NG+ and I'm really having a good time with this game. But after some digging through the interweb, I see that there's no planned sequel as of now and DD Online is a Japanese exclusive.

    I'm holding out hope that they will make a proper sequel for the next gen someday. And until that happens, we can all but share our ideas for the future while we wait :D

    And so, I'll be sharing here my idea for two new vocations, with a bit of a background to back it up because normally these would seem out of place with the rest. Without a further ado, let's jump right in!

    The Blademasters are warriors utilizing techniques unique to a faraway country located at the very far east of Gransys.

    Relentless and fast,…

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  • Zadymek

    Since Post-Daimon the very convenient Cursed Dragon-Gorecyclops setup at Midnight Helix is no more I've been working on more convenient ways of Dragon Forging my equipement, at Duskmoon Tower.

    Why Duskmoon? Simple: free curatives and both, ample of space and obstacles. Quite pleasant battleground for every vocartion possible.

    So, I was repeatedly baiting Cursed Dragons there and slew them, leaving, reentering ...and I stumbled upon curious phenomenon.
    I was usually burdening myself with a lot of Rancid Bait Meat (cause I like to mass Dragon Forge) when was "out for the job" but noticed that all I had to do is to plant just a single Bait Meat, which would eventually expire over time but even after that it'd still make the location very "persis…

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  • AntonyAV

    Hey there! This is my first post actually, and I even got so far as making an account here just to ask for help. You see, I've just reached 100 hours played on Dragon's Dogma, and I really hate losing missions since I'm going for the" the hero" achievement, I even got so far as restarting the whole game when I didn't speak with the duchess and missed all her line of quests. But I'm not willing to do that again, and right now I've lost a quest... The "Talent in bloom" one. 

    Let me just say that I'm throughly disgusted by this game, each second I play I find more and more horrible failures, and this mission being given without proper warnings was just one of the dozens on the list. So I wanted to ask:

    is there a way for someone to give me one …

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  • Zadymek

    Few tactics for Vocations that are put at the disadvantage during dragonkin fights. It's based on my recent Fighter experience/s but most of it apply to Warriors as well.

    General tips

    • the more stagger/knockdown power the better, obviously.
    • having Stability Augment equipped grants greater mobility and allows you to exploit Wings Flapping attack. But also makes you unaffected by secondary shockwave dragons produce when lifting up and falling to the ground.
    • have at least 25% Skill stifling resistance in case it'll Roar
    • or Curse resistance and your Pawn/s at least 25% Possession resistance when fighting Cursed one


    • attack wings or face to stagger it then spam Heavy Jump attack or Antler Toss on a heart to make it reel on the ground
    • actually, wh…

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  • Dudewithbeard

    Psn nerdybird24 I can help with item etc and any of the 2% item that what I’m currently doing now and there are some pieces of the set that are from bbi down in the ever fall

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  • Zadymek

    Cyclopes Tactics

    July 27, 2018 by Zadymek

    So, I am doing this Cyclopes tactics overview, in a video form.  And I've done a lot of research. But will always accept any comments/criticism/questions gladly. Anyway, here's what I determined so far.

    Cyclopes, my favorite enemy/boss. They are many, yet basically one ...and even Golem is very much like a Cyclops - you know, animations, posture  ...a gap where the eye should be.
    Some distinguish Gorecyclopes here, unfairly I'd say: mechanically they are almost identical, there's so little nuanced differences really.

    The basics
    Cyclopes are huge, lazy chunks of meat in a shape of a biped rhino, with a bulky head and an iconic single eye.
    It is the most intuitional enemy in a game as weak spots are basically conspcuous:

    • Eye - it has b…

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  • Zadymek

    Boss vs boss

    May 13, 2018 by Zadymek

    A note on subject mentioned earlier/lower in Midnight Helix article ti about carrion feeder mechanics and sicing bosses on eachother.

    I am running Post-Daimon BBI for some time now and was attempting boss on boss exploits all around it. I formerly was digusted by the fact that carrion feeders show up just as one finished a boss fight (sometimes even drop on one's head, with a fatal effect) or are even able to substitute indigenous boss creature of the given map. I labeled it a glitch. 

    But now, after a lot of "gutting" I begin to see a pattern here: there's no room for two bosses AKA large monsters [of different species] at the same map and IT IS A MECHANICS! Definitely.

    1. The Death/Garm would never appear if there's a Lich prowling around The …
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  • TakyzhaGaming


    February 8, 2018 by TakyzhaGaming

    hey can i reset while keeping my character edit stuff? i would really hate buying all of that again added to regetting all my stuff because i need better stats

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  • TakyzhaGaming


    February 8, 2018 by TakyzhaGaming

    wtf why can't i kill 2 simple stormwyverns used 10 wakestones to barely get their health bars down to quarter this is such bullshit i only on normal mode and i lv144 thinking about starting from scratch it shouldn't be this hard

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  • Skyzoo5

    Extra Bowman Ring or Band

    December 22, 2017 by Skyzoo5

    Anyone have an extra Bowman Ring or Band they can gift? I'm playing on the Xbox One. Will exchange with what I have in my inventory. Thank you. My pawn is Skyzoo and main pawn is Angela. Gamer tag is skyzoo5.Thank you.

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  • SmexyElf

    Okay so I'm currently farming materiels from Reptilian enemies (Saurian, Dragons, Drakes, Wyverns, Wryms, The Dragon, Ur-Dragon and all that) I was wondering what would be my best chance at killing them in a Arisen and Main pawn party only. I am maxed in all vocations as is my pawn (Madeline, currently a sorcerer).

    List your ideas and reasons why.

    Thank you for your opinions in Advance 

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  • SmexyElf

    Death BBI

    December 6, 2017 by SmexyElf

    Okay. I have killed Death once using a magic archer and he fell to his death (Lol I'm punny) but I now want his loot and stuff. Any ideas? I'm maxed level and constantly changing vocation. Any tips of what's the bed party and vocations to have when facing death? and what I should bring (I hear he is much like the Ur-Dragon)

    Thanks in Advance 

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  • Axel9737

    like title says, looking for an abyssinal set on PS4! Feel free to ask for anything in return and i'll see what i can do! :)

    PSN: axelArn

    Pawn name: Saber

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  • Asura Shinryu

    Im looking for the Grisly armor set i found the chest and legs but i still need the head and arms if anyone is willing to help me my pawn's name is Naoko sorcerer class on xbox one my gamer tag is Asura Shinryu if youd perfer a maner of trade then message me

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  • Flashaeden


    October 31, 2017 by Flashaeden

    Anyone wanna gift me portcrystals on ps4? Just want to expedite the process of my first Playthrough since ive already finished ng++ and bbi on my ps3 save. Thanks in advance!

    PSN: Flashaeden

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  • Solidaxe

    Dragon's Dogma Save

    October 18, 2017 by Solidaxe

    Does anyone know if we will be able to import PS3 save files to the PS4 version?

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  • Sawbones194

    Okay since i killed an Dragon with the Makers Finger and a Chimera with explosiv-Barrels, nearly every Boss-Enemy dies when i am near of them like in this clip of me: (XBox ONE Version) Is that normal? Is there anykind of item that makes this? Not every Boss died but every third or so. Whats going on? Neither me or my pawns are any kind of buffed. We are all on level 47 and the cyclops died and nothing hitted him in the moment of his death. Look at his healthbar. What is going on there?!

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  • Spinfx

    Hiring pawns

    October 9, 2017 by Spinfx

    I tend to ramble, so here's a rewrite of what I'd planned for this entry.

    1) Pawn Inclination
    Inclinations control how your pawn behaves. Poor behaviour always boils down to crappy inclinations. Guardian and nexus are a universal rejection. Big fan of utilitarian.

    For more details see the pawn inclination troubleshooting article.

    2) Gear (visuals)
    Wear anything except onesies or DLC gear - everyone gets those, it's lazy. I don't care about stats: dragonforged, rarified, or even completely not upgraded, doesn't matter. Don't be naked, don't be lazy. C'mon folks, this isn't difficult.

    3) Weight class
    Small (S and SS) class pawns can't carry squat, they get encumbered way too quickly. Worse, this forces the rest of the party to pick up the slack. I…

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  • Dragonlord247

    So when I'm fighting Daimon's Awakened form and he does his whole curling into a ball thing and tries to possess your Pawns he sometimes ends up possessing me. Nothing really happens other than that I get a dark cloud over me. Has anyone else ever have this happen to you before?

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  • Nat55atata

    After clearing the isles about 5 times withen 2 hours, i have still yet to find anything useable to me or my pawn, minus a Revenant Wail longbow. Seems like i will never get a full 2 sets of oblivion armor. Hell, i would even settle for the Highest str Longsword in the game, even though that would mean i need to get a hellfire set.. O well. Keep clearing, keep switching vocations before purification, and all that jazz

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  • Marcos123666

    I just really want to know how to tag certain words, and have them link to the page associated with them

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  • Frosty6644

    Need Help!!

    July 25, 2016 by Frosty6644

    I can't see my frineds pawns on the game but he can see mine i am online and so is he. We both have slept in inns as well and this is for pc, i have over 140 frineds that own this game and i can only see 5 of them in the game is there any thing i can do to fix this please help!! or add me on steam to talk me

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  • Dragon'sGlaze

    Okay,who's the one that vote me that Skyrim and DS1,2,3 is the most boring games?

    Skyrim is wow!What,why do I need to create such a charactees?Why do I need to create and change and change and repeated the same thing to change my character nose,pic,body and hair?

    I never play DS,but its really boring by some players,they say its boring and the textures in the workd is all white and grey.

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  • Dragon'sGlaze

    Well,I just relize some things that may be called as Easter Eggs and I want to share it to everyone!Please read!Okay,there it is,

    • If you search a name for your Arisen/Main Pawn's Moniker,one of them is Chun-Li.
    • If you search a name for your Arisen's/Main Pawn's Moniker,one of them is M.Bison.
    • There's also a moniker called Akuma,Ryu,Ken and even Asura from Asura's Wrath.

    • Between Day and Evening,there is a shadow that I see has no equipments and looks
    • There is a possibilities that Goblin may say "Who lets the dogs out!"that was possibly referance to the old popular song.
    • If you are lucky,you may find a female bandit that was attack by a direwolves,if you defeat the wolf,the female bandits may start to attack you,rather than saying …

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  • Dragon'sGlaze

    ​This Blog Has Been Deleted

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  • Dragon'sGlaze

    Strange Pawn

    June 25, 2016 by Dragon'sGlaze

    First Event (My first playthrough in this game) - When I walked around Gran Soren and get to Caxton to buy Frozen Tomorrow. Suddenly my Pawn just said "I'm Drenched!" and I looked at them, they inside the Fountain, gathering Stone/Gold. I jumped there too and get on to the pillar, suddenly seeing an item, Gold. Don't know why my MP dind't take that item.

    Second Event - I fought Gorechimera and suddenly my MP say "Cockatrice!" And I said "Where!" And there are no Cockatrice, why...

    Thrid Event - I just fought Death, and suddenly Garm appears too. I said "Help" and no one come, I look at the Balcony and see my MP and P get stucked here (Maybe an ordinary Event) , then Death appear at my MP/P back and use Death's Scythe and they die. I'm scared…

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  • Dragon'sGlaze

    This Blog Has Been Deleted

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  • Dragonlord247

    Seriously look.

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  • Grim-Red

    Hi there. ^_^

    Farming the drake, as a matter of personal taste, is a pain in the rear.

    This aside, the drake has a small chance of giving to your equipment the "dragonforged" status ( very small chance) early in game, so it's worthy of a shot, and i was hoping to get one of the pieces of armor with that............................................

    Well.....i've made it.

    My Arisen now has a spanking new dragonforged rusted bow.

    Cheeky irony, isn't it?

    Note aside: with a 3 stars enchanted rusted bow, i took the drake's heart down quite quickly, except for the very last blow, wich caused a delayment of finishing the task, having the whole party pretty much obliterated due to the fact that the beast moves too much and to quickly despite is poisoned A…

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  • Savan123

    so i bought Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen yesterday and i already had DD with a character level 63 and i know that you can continue from here you stopped in DD in DA but every time i go to DA he creates a new save data and doesn't have the option to load my previous save from DD. any help? i play in the PS3 and already had DA in xbox 360. and i want all the bonuses that come with the dlc like the eternal ferrystone and etc.

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  • Grim-Red

    Arisen's to do list

    April 3, 2016 by Grim-Red

    Wake up at the Pawn's Guild

    Ignore the Pawn's rambling, Maker's breath, they never ever shut up!

    Thow Pip first in the Everfall:

    i saved your home, little brat, now you complain exactly because if you didn't have that home you wouldn't have lost your parents....Well....enjoy the fly! I'll see you tomorrow, here, same routine, welcome in the Ethernal Chain.

    Throw the soldiers in the Everfall:

    i've saved your asses in every siege, dragged you off the Griffin's claws, from the dragon itself and you decided to turn against me.

    Well, here you go, enjoy the trip.

    Throw all the survived citizen in the Everfall, except the merchants, of course, after scaring the life out them drawing the weapons out.

    Same of the soldiers, you bunch of ignorant donkeys.


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  • Grim-Red


    March 29, 2016 by Grim-Red

    Test blabla

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  • Stingerman06

    Current activity

    February 21, 2016 by Stingerman06

    So I've been at it, working on a new pawn for the past week or so. The pawn I'm working on is Zangief, and I'm attempting to make him a physical tank. Brute strength, brute defense and as close to the actual Street Fighter character as I can get. Once he reaches lvl 200, I'll start dressing him up as best as I can. He's currently lvl 34 as of this blog entry. I'm roaming BBI with 2 lvl 200's, so the process is slow, but I'm aiming for discipline instead of exp currently. More status updates on Zangief later.

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  • Thefrostbite

    Arisen's Bond

    December 17, 2015 by Thefrostbite

    can someone give me an arisen bond please (arisen bond) GT: TrYkkz

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  • ObsidianDraconis

    Fellow Arisens,

    You are invited to join a PS4 community. The community is focused to bring upon seasoned and beginner Arisens across the realms of Dragon's Dogma:

    • Share Dragon Battle Strats
    • Post Ur-Dragon Updates and Grace Periods
    • Setup Equipment & Item Trades
    • Share your Pawns
    • Game discussion and events.

    This is an open community for all. Join the Elite of Dragon's Dogma.

    In order to join a particular community on the PS4 you must search the owner of the community. Sony has not yet implicated a search function to find the community itself.

    (1) Search the owner of the community in Friends. PSN ID: DrAKonicSouL

    (2)Choose the owner and then select the community option in the menu. The display will show which communities are owned by the …

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  • XuEn

    31 October - strange glitch..

    October 31, 2015 by XuEn

    So I'm about to use a portcrystal and get the ferrystone ready - the list comes up of destinations - I'm expecting the usual - Bluemoon tower, Bloodwater beach, Greatwall and so on - instead a get a list that all say "Verda Woodlands" - how odd.. All my portcrystals seem to have glitched to the same place somewhere around Aernst Castle ..

    Expecting the worst I decide against using the stone, and travel there on foot - here's a record of what I saw:

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  • Ser Gumshoe

    Basically, I was exploring, decided to go into the Frontier Caverns, made it to Proving Grounds, and killed the armored Cyclopes. And now, I can't proceed. It says 'Enemies.. They're close.' despite everything being dead. Is there a possible solution for me? My entire team is level 27, and I play as an Assassain. Gracias, friends.

    EDIT: I am using the PS3, and my online ID is ZaMbIeSdIeNoW21 (zambiesdienow21 captoggle) if you wish to use my main pawn. I am a low level, yes, but he makes up for it! Most updated version, no DLC downloaded.

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  • Shantoh66

    Late intoduction.

    October 15, 2015 by Shantoh66

    I figured I had better write a blog or something about Dragon's Dogma. I bought the game when Dark Arisen came out for PS3. I never got around to playing much at first.

    I am nearing level 190 now, played through most of the game as a Warrior with my main pawn Valoria as Mage/Sorcerer.

    Now I have started leveling Magic Archer with Valoria working on her Warrior skills.  Eventually I hope to switch and get to Sorcerer with Valoria as a Strider but I am not certain I have enough levels left to max out vocation levels.

    Seeing her struggle as a Warrior made me think how about balance. I feel the game is very balanced. Warriors are heavy hitters, it is just a matter of knowing where to put the sword. Yes the stagger, and knockdown resistance means …

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